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Getting Past the Gatekeepers

The key to getting past the Gatekeepers

Getting Past The Gatekeepers

The gate keepers, these are the secretaries, front desk, and other guardians designed to filter the amount of interruptions decision makers have in their busy day. Ever call on the same decision maker repeatedly, only to find they are in a meeting that never ends? These people can be your best friend, or worst enemy. It’s really up to you, if you want to recruit them in your sales efforts, learn to take an interest in them. Remember they are probably the best connected person in that office knowing all the comings and goings that pertain to the decision maker.They can be a valuable asset for gathering important information about your prospect. If you practice the rule of treating the gatekeeper with an extra dose of respect and kindness, the gatekeeper, often overlooked by other sales people will take an interest in you as well.You will be uniquely different for spending the extra time to get to know them. Try a little humor, empathy, or common ground to develop the relationship. A great way to develop a bond is to address them by name, make eye contact, smile, and inject a little humor in to their otherwise stressed filled day.If they have any pictures , or personal items in their area, it is alway nice to ask about them and look for common ground there.This will get you closer than you think. I have seen what appears to be “mission impossible,” open up like the gates of heaven with you as the host all thanks to the gatekeeper.Sometimes, it is the decision makers wife, daughter, or someone else close to them sitting in the reception area. They just may have the influence to get you in the door.So always think of the gatekeeper as an influencer to get you in the door, and treat them accordingly.

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