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Like Yourself, Love your Customers

Why having a Desire to help others, will help you Succeed in all things

Like yourself, Love your Customers

We all need to have a healthy dose of self confidence to be in the sales profession. If you doubt your abilities, strengths, and product credibility, the customer will not believe it either. Your body language, ease of conversation, knowledge base, and charm, all contribute to your ability to succeed. There are times when you have to let go of the wheel and let the customer drive. Depending on their personality, they may feel the need to be in control, and this is when you stand on the sidelines and let them justify buying from you. It gets amazingly simple when you allow the customer to describe to you how you can fit into their picture. The best way to do this is to ask the right questions and engage them in the process. Even though you have great information to share, you need to get them involved in the discovery process. Buyers want a trusted advisor, not a walking , talking brochure.The prospect probably already knows what you have to offer, they want to know if you are the right fit for their needs. If they aren’t sure, there will be opportunities to share value statements that reinforce their decision to choose you. You can weave this information into the conversation at the appropriate times. It feels a lot more like teamwork than selling, and you will probably learn to like it. It is a skill you have to practice to become proficient. This is one of the learned behaviors of sales. The most successful sales professionals create a environment focused only on the prospect. Not only the prospects needs, but the prospect. This kind of selling is relational in style, and very effective. In advertising , sales , and in life , we are assaulted with campaigns designed to convince us to commit to something, time, money, etc. When using an approach to selling where you have a genuine desire to help someone, and a genuine interest in them as a person, you will create a bond. They are not only put at ease, they are usually drawn to you as a person. This makes the transaction a natural process that leaves both parties feeling good at the end of the day. Make this simple change in your mentality, and watch your sales soar.

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