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Turning Clients into Trusted Allies, Tips to Retain a Solid Client Relationship

How to Retain Loyal Clients, Even When your Competition Presents a better Deal

Turning Your Clients into Trusted Allies

What it takes to Retain Clients Loyalty, Even when they could do better.

The old saying ,” Actions speak louder than words” is old for a reason,it’s true. If you say you will do something for your client, do it. This includes appointments, being timely, resolving problems, returning calls, etc. Some salespeople are responsible for existing accounts as well as attaining new accounts. I like to call these sales people hybrids. They may have support associates that handle problems, but they are the key ” go to” person for new and existing accounts. If you are one of these sales people you know how important getting back with your clients and delivering on your promises can be. This is an important part of the relationship building process. I have often called my existing accounts for no other reason than to check in on them. You will be surprised how far this little gesture goes when there is a problem, even when you really can’t do much about it. The truth is sooner or later there will be a competitor that comes knocking that may have the same or better product cheaper, faster,etc, they will be telling your clients why they should switch and save time, money and resources for their company. In my career I have had this happen many times, and only the relationship built on trust, reliability and strategic relationships with key decision makers saved the account. What are some ways you can express your commitment to a long term relationship? Well, there are the obvious providing excellent service, but in addition to that, the following are some tips that are a step ahead. Sharing information pertaining to their industry is valuable, you are out there on the street and probably hear things that may hold some sway in their day to day business dealings. Give them kudos, call and say thank you for their business, and trust. Keep a list of your clients birthdays and wish them a happy birthday. You may be the only person who does that day. Take time to know something personal about every single decision maker on your list. If you take time to tend your garden, you will reap other benefits as well. The client will be an excellent source of referrals, an ally in your corner, and you won’t hesitate to use them for a reference when you are in need of one.You might also make some great friends.

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