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How E-Commerce Copywriting Can Increase Your Sales Pace

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As for e-commerce copywriting, you can see a lot of different advice on it which is sometimes rather contradictory. For example, some people believe that a landing page should be very short to boost sales. Others agree that you should make it longer and more detailed because your potential client needs to understand clearly what they are going to pay for.

What advice to follow is up to you. You may just try different variants and see which of them will work better for increasing your sales pace.

To make your option more obvious, you may try to answer some questions based on your experience which relate to the actual length of your pages, the most triggering words or phrases for your clients, and what a good conversion rate means to you. In this article, we are going to tackle some most essential features of e-commerce copywriting that is sure to influence your sales.

What Stands Behind E-Commerce Copywriting

This stands for any text or written information that you place on the online store. You can use your writing skills for anything, beginning with category and landing pages and ending in product descriptions or promotions.

All of these written materials have one thing in common – they need to clearly explain all the advantages of your products to people who can buy them. Another task of copywriting is to place your online store in the highest-ranking positions of search engines. You need to be quite persuasive, sound professional, know how to use your brand properly, and understand the needs and preferences of your potential customers.

Pages That Need Copywriting

They are of different types but they have one thing in common – you sell your products and services via them. You shouldn’t think that only one high-quality landing page is enough for boosting sales sufficiently.

Product Pages

What you place on your e-commerce website deserves your thorough attention because the pace of sales depends much on it. The first thing is to consider product pages and product descriptions on them. It’s here where most customers get the overall information about their potential choice and you can explain to them properly why they need exactly your product. After seeing this page, a customer either goes to the checkout or leaves it.

You should know that one or two sentences are not enough here. That is why it is good when you start with your unique selling offer and the benefits of your product. Draw attention to other customers’ reviews and recommendations and focus on why they recommend it.

About Page

This page is not about your products but about your brand and its lifestyle. Emphasize why you are different from other sellers. Let your customers understand your values and mission. It can even be your biography or brand’s story. If customers feel that they are emotionally connected with you, they are likely to make a purchase and come back to you again and again.

Category Pages

These pages are usually underestimated. They should have an attractive design. Though, just some lines of the text are also very useful. The text plays two roles here – to promote SEO and show the visitors that they have made the right choice entering your site.

Why E-Commerce Copywriting Is Beneficial for Boosting Sales

In fact, well-done copywriting can provide you with more sales, a higher ranking on search engines, better conversions, and brand promotion. In what way can it do that? Let’s consider some essential points.

Customers Get Well-Informed

The main goal of high-quality e-commerce copywriting is to tell customers all the information they need about your brand and products. Think very well about what information you would like to highlight and how much detail you will be provided to them.

You Make Your Brand Recognizable

Yes, good copywriting is about making your brand attractive to potential clients. They need to be sure that your services are well-provided, good-quality, and highly appreciated by others. Copywriting plays the role of a booster that evokes much interest and creates memorable associations. Your visitors are to remember where they have made their perfect purchase to come back here once again.

Drawing More Sales Is a Great Benefit

The words you choose should help increase sales. It goes without saying because your online shop is made not for SEO only for selling products and services. However, conversion optimization is immensely important here because people need to see your website in search engines first to enter it and choose what they want. The more visitors click on the site which is highly converted, the more of them are likely to become your regular paying customers.

The Website’s SEO Is Also Important

There are many online stores on the market nowadays. They are located on Shopify or Amazon and people can find them easily when they enter their request on the search engine. Your e-commerce copywriting should be competitive on search engines to let clients find your online shop easier and more instantly. That is why it should be well-done SEO copywriting with appropriately selected keywords to defeat your competitors and occupy the top positions in the search engines.

How to Improve Your E-Commerce Copywriting

You know now that good-quality e-commerce copywriting should have a positive effect on sales. You also need to know how to make your copywriting more helpful for boosting sales. Let’s consider the following tips.

Emphasize the Benefits

Do not focus on product characteristics only. Most customers do not care much about the detailed description of materials, specs, all those unclear abbreviations, and figures that do not tell them anything. They find it rather boring. What they are really looking for is how your product can make their life easier, solve their problem, serve them in their need. So try to describe such features that will seem helpful to a visitor.

Do Thorough Research on Your Target Audience

You will not know what to write about on your website if you do not care about who will be reading your writing. You have to research who are those people that can enter your site and what they will be looking for. Start with looking through customers’ reviews of similar products if you do not have much time for more thorough marketing research. Though, it is better if you do have time for that.

Tell Them Entertaining Stories

People prefer great stories of success. They find them entertaining. That is why such stories can hook visitors: they will remember your brand, buy from it many times, and recommend it to others. Think thoroughly about what you’re going to tell them in your story. Remember that there are five points that can be the focus of your attention:

  • hero / protagonist;
  • problem / conflict;
  • their previous actions to overcome the conflict;
  • solution / climax;
  • satisfaction / resolution.

You can also look for some other methods and models of storytelling or invent your unique ones. The latter is still more beneficial because you can modify your story due to the needs of different audiences. If your way of presenting stories is unique, you will establish closer emotional bonds with your target audience.

Boost the Action

You want your customers to do something when they have entered your online shop. Of course, you want them to buy your product. So use straightforward action words to help them make their decision faster. ‘Buy Now’ is commonplace but you can invent some other variants which will become even more motivating. Scatter such words and phrases all over the site, not only at your buttons. If you start some sentences with such action words, your visitors will subconsciously understand what they need to do.

Eliminate Wordy Phrases and Passages

Your text should be easy to read. That is why try to avoid many words in the sentences. The same goes for business terminology and jargon. If the reading is too difficult, a client will skip it and avoid it in the future. To check whether your text is easy or difficult to read, sound it aloud to someone. You will see how well they will perceive it.

Utilize Bullet Points

No one wants to read huge paragraphs with a lot of words and lengthy sentences. If a customer is looking for a T-shirt, they will buy that T-shirt but in some other place. That is why it is so important to use bullet points in your text. It will enhance the copy scannability and provide your clients with the immediate information they are actually looking for. This technique is very helpful when you have a product with many stunning characteristics you would like to highlight. Bullet points will also help you cut down wordy texts, add more space to your page, and be applicable and convenient for mobiles.

Insert Keywords

The audience of your site is engaged by the interesting presentation. However, there is one more judge of your text’s quality – search engines. They do not care about how interesting your texts are. They require specific features, like keywords, to place your website at the top of the list. You really need it because you care about getting organic traffic and you can receive it only being on the first pages and upper positions. Do keyword research by using some online tools, such as Google Ads Keyword Planner, or Keyword Surfer, and they will serve you well. Making a blog on your e-commerce site is also a great way and a strong marketing strategy for getting more customers from search engines.


So, you can see now how well e-commerce copywriting can increase your sales pace and how to improve it for playing this role more effectively.

Consider the tips provided in this article, always keep in line with your audience, and focus on the interesting features and usability of the products you sell. Try to engage and inspire your clients with your brand mission and quality of services. Let your e-commerce text serve you as a powerful booster for increasing your sales and establishing your perfect business reputation.

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