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How to Use CRM to Increase Sales

CRM – A Tool For A Successful Business

If you know the recipe to a successful business is your customers; it is easy for you to understand and think of ways on how to use the customer relationship management tools to the best of your advantage. The way you deal with your customers, talk to them, interact with them is all there is to keep your business running in full force.

If you understand the above-mentioned importance of customers, you probably are constantly searching for a way on how to use your CRM to increase your sales. However, the first step is to choose the best one that works for your business.

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So, for example, if you are in the real estate business, you know having the right clients and nurturing them is like milking the business. So for this, you need to choose the best Real Estate CRM that is available. Similarly, if you are in the healthcare business, you need to use CRM software that works well with that line of the field. In the end, it all comes down to how you are using the CRM tool to increase your sales.

In this article, we have outlined a few ways with which you can use your CRM to increase sales. 

How to Use CRM to Increase Sales

  • Information Sharing

Having a smooth rhythm in business is very crucial in determining how effectively and efficiently you operate, and it also affects your sales drastically. So first thing first, utilize your customer relationship management software to do just that – which is share information with your sales team or other relevant people.

Having everyone on the same page and having up-to-date information is very critical and can save you from making a lot of mistakes in your business. CRM software helps in storing all the relevant information that you can share across your team. This information can be regarding a sales lead which will save you time when no extra effort is put in by other team members when it is not needed.

  • Track Your Sales With CRM

You can specifically use your CRM tool to track your sales as well. CRM tools provide you with the opportunity to monitor your sales cycles and keep an eye out for them. This way, your sales personnel can either choose to close the sales or maintain a relationship with the client to retain future sales to make them loyal customers.

A sales cycle has various stages, and you can manage each stage using the CRM tool. This way, you can use it to identify and fix any mistakes in the sales process.

  • Get To Know Your Customers

If you know your customers, know that you can conquer your business very well. By knowing your customer, we don’t mean just know their names! We mean you should know what your customers’ likes, dislikes—their shopping habits, their buying patterns, etc.

A CRM tool will help you gather a lot of information on your customers that you can use to get them into buying your products. How? These CRM tools get information on customers from their social media activities and a lot of online information.

Another thing that can help you increase your sales is by focusing on customer segments that are valuable to you. A CRM tool will get you enough information that will tell you if the customer is worth investing in or not. Let me give you an example, say you are selling a luxurious leather bag, you would want to focus on the upper class who want to spend money on brands that cost you that much. If you don’t know your customers, you will only be wasting a lot of resources and getting no sales.

  • CRM Reports

CRM software provides you with reports that can be easily generated to help you get data on your customers that can help you get lots and lots of sales. You can also use the data to form different marketing, sales, or business strategies and make a lot of informed decisions.

CRM offers a lot of automation features and dashboards on-demand and real-time, which trust me when I tell you is gold for your sales strategy.

Turn on Alerts on your CRM Software

CRM software can get tricky when a lot of people are on it and updating information. You might miss a few things. For this reason, turn on the alert system on your CRM software for yourself, so you are updated and don’t waste your time on a task that is already dealt with.

  • Mobile Access

A CRM tool is best when it allows mobile access to its users. This motivates employees to stay updated and work remotely towards their sales goals etc. This is proven to increase productivity among employees and therefore increase your company’s sales as well.

  • Email marketing

Use email marketing to keep your customers updated with all the products, services, promotions, discounts, and events of your company. Even if you customer is not interested in any of those and email reminder can keep your company in their good books and drive sales.

  • Assigning and Managing task

The best thing about CRM software is that besides providing you with all the functions and features mentioned above, it also provides managers the opportunity to assign various tasks to team members and see where they are in completing those tasks as well. 

Also, CRM software can notify you of tasks that need immediate attention from you and therefore makes the working process efficient.


A CRM tool was and still is facilitating a lot of business and was the only reason that businesses survived so efficiently working remotely during covid times. Even though we somewhat are still working in a hybrid situation of sometimes working from home and sometimes coming to offices, this software has helped companies maintain their sales or even drive sales up.

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The CRM tools provide all the features mentioned above as well as some more like some of them work with other accounting software, and all in all it helps provide the best customer service, which in turn get you more and more sales. Let us face it, who runs the business world? ITS CUSTOMERS!

About the author

Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions, Digital Marketing.