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Make Yourself an Un-stopable Success Machine in 2017

Achieve the life you desire and deserve Now

Make Yourself an Un-stopable Success Machine:

Does it bother you that, despite your extensive knowledge
of what you need to do and feel to win — gained from several
books on the topic, online research, or even training sessions
that you have attended — you still haven’t reached the place
where you want to be?
The answer is that logic and knowledge have very little to
do with breaking through limitations. In fact, buying books
and trying to understand the logic of what it takes to overcome
your limitations and where you’re going wrong is part of the
problem. Your thinking patterns are a big reason that you don’t
get the outcomes you desire.
Logic has very little to do with bringing about change to
your emotional brain. The emotional brain and the logical
brain operate by two different sets of rules. Understanding and
working with the logical brain won’t give you control of the
emotional part of your brain. When it comes to being able to
master your limitations, it’s the emotional part that you need to
learn to manage.
Let me give you an analogy so you can appreciate and
understand the difference between the two parts of your brain.
Think of road plates, those strong and solid sheets of metal,
about five feet wide by ten feet long, that construction crews
use to cover openings in the road. They are so strong, cars can
drive over them safely.
Now, if I were to put one of them on a sidewalk, most
people wouldn’t hesitate to walk on it, because, safety-wise, it’sthe equivalent of a regular sidewalk. But what if I were to just
change one variable? What if I placed the road plate outside the
eightieth floor of the Empire State Building and across to the
building on the other side of the street and asked you to walk
If you’re like most people, you would balk at the very idea.
If I were to ask you why, you most likely would say, “Because
it’s dangerous.”
Let’s say I then introduced logic to explain why it’s totally
safe, telling you, “This road plate was put in place by the same
engineering team that built the famed Verrazano Bridge, and
they have confirmed that it is equally as safe.”
If I asked you whether you would stand on it now, what
would you say? Chances are your answer would still be a
resounding no.
You might say, “Maybe the weather’s going to be windy.”
I might respond by saying, “What if the entire team of
meteorologists from radio station WCBS 880 vouched that the
weather was totally fine and there wasn’t going to be any wind?
Would you walk on it then?”
“I’m not feeling well,” you might say. “I couldn’t possibly
try it.”
If I brought a team of doctors in to attest that you were
perfectly healthy, would that do the trick? Not likely.
Logically, I showed you that walking on the plate eighty
floors up is as safe as walking on it on the sidewalk below. But
the reason logic has no sway over you is that you are accessing
something a lot deeper than logic — your imagination.
You would look down at the road plate sticking out of the
eightieth floor and down at the scene below, and ask, “What are
those little rectangles moving around?”
And I would answer, “Those are buses.”
“And what are those smaller rectangles?”
“Oh, those are cars.”
“And what are those dots?””Oh, those are people.”
And in your mind’s eye — in your imagination — you would
see a little red dot on the ground, and that would be you after
you’ve fallen.
Logic goes out the window when imagination kicks in.
You could be assured a thousand times that you’re going
to be okay and it’s totally safe, but you still wouldn’t be able to
bring yourself to do it. Because when you imagine something
bad happening, all the logical explanations and assurances
This is why we get frustrated when someone tries to reason
with us about doing something that scares us. Their logic
doesn’t help, because we can’t get past our limiting thoughts.
To get the results we want, therefore, we must alter our imagination.
If we can do that, we can put a process of change in
motion that will positively impact what we accomplish in life.
It Starts with Your Imagination
If you change your imagination then you change how you feel
If you change how you feel then you change what you’re
going to do
If you change what you’re going to do then you change what you
can accomplish
If you change what you accomplish then you change your life.

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