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Marketing Tip: Subject Lines That Get Results

Subject lines and “From” fields are the two most critical factors that determine whether emails are opened or ignored. For Subject lines to work well, those 40 to 50 characters have to entice recipients to open the email and take action. Subject lines, like newspaper headlines, should state clearly and concisely what’s in it for the reader and what you want them to do. When promoting your business via email, keep these tips in mind: ï‚· Personalize the subject — include the person’s name or company ï‚· Clearly state what your readers can expect from the email, and make it valuable ï‚· Leverage the “From” line — if it’s the first time you’re contacting a lead, be sure the email comes from a recognizable source. Use a “From” contact line that creates a sense of familiarity and/or credibility — your organization name or a person’s name.

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