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Offline Marketing- Entice, Engage and Enchant

Below the Line Marketing

Affordable BTL Marketing is a necessity of all Small & Medium Scale industry to reach the target audience. Every individual responsible for branding and promotion activity has done BTL activities.

BTL activities can be categorized or classified based on your product, services & target audience.

BTL activities that all of us have done or are still doing:

1) Offline advertisement- Banners, Fliers, Billboard

2) Direct marketing- Sms links, email, social media

3) Sponsorships- conference support

4) Retail promotion- store visual activities

Painpoints while doing BTL activity

First-time BTL activity- activities are done for the first time (stores, city, social media) and have problems in quantifying the effort in terms of conversion. It needs market research at first before implementing the activity, a perfect follow up campaign is required for creating loyal brand followers.

Perfect requalification strategy for any BTL campaign- BTL activity needs have a series of activities planned with similar audiences which objectives set right in terms of creating an ascending effect with the audiences. It could be awareness followed by engagement, then involvement as a user so on.

Solution for a perfect BTL activity( 3 E’s)

1) Entice

2) Engage

3) Enchant

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