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Straight2Voicemail | Marketing Analogy

Voicemail Marketing

A helpful analogy can be drawn between the process of making a sale and catching a fish.
Preparing a voicemail message can be similar to preparing a fishing line. Just as the fisherman selects the best bait, so the voicemail marketer composes the best message paying attention to content of the message, as well as delivery of the message. The words, the voice and the tone can be carefully selected to entice the listener to respond. The aim is to make the message irresistible.
Analogous to throwing the line in at the right time and place is selecting the time to deliver a voicemail, to maximize response.
Examples abound of the success of targeted voicemail. Event organizers report an increase in attendance by 40% when a timely reminder voicemail is sent. In the medical profession the no-show rate at expensive functions provided free to doctors is high. The use of voicemail has substantially reduced this.
No show at appointments or restaurants represents a significant loss of revenue. Email reminders and text messages can be replaced by straight2voicemail to give a personal touch on a mass scale and ensure your message gets heard and not just ignored.
Providing a truly personal message to large numbers of clients or potential customers is an expensive, time consuming business. The look-alike message of straight2voicemail seamlessly simulates a personal message at substantially lower cost and personal effort. This is because voicemails can be constructed, so that they sound personal even though they are being sent to many people at the click of a button. This is done using the straight2voicemail platform to place the voicemail in recipient’s voicemail inbox on their mobile/cell phone without it ringing.

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