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7 Leading B2B Platforms to Grow Your Startup Business


7 leading B2B Platforms

Leading B2B Platforms


The evolution of the tech-oriented world has reshaped the way businesses had worked. Today, even B2B customers tend to shop through online sources. In this article, we’ll talk about 7 Leading B2B Platforms to Grow Your Startup Business.

Competition is raging, affecting the demand and supply dynamics greatly.

This transformation of businesses has given way to bleeding-edge technologies and B2B platforms. Similar to the phenomenon where a customer wants to buy a product and a seller is already present, they facilitate trade between businesses located worldwide.

Since B2B platform is not a new trend, various innovations and developments have emerged. Advanced features are being added to the platform regularly. Businesses can perform trading activities including export and import seamlessly. An amazing benefit of the B2B platform is that it has rid the businesses personals to travel all the way to a different country for a deal.

Considering the significance of B2B platforms, we have created this guide to present you with the top B2B platforms for enhancing the growth of your business. Read along to discover everything:

Why Choose a B2B Platform for Your Business Today?


If you are thinking about the benefits of choosing a B2B eCommerce platform for your business today, then you cannot avoid the broad range of benefits.

Adapting a B2B platform offers amazing speed and security, data integration, serving more customers, business expansion, avoiding biased deals, less physical visits, effective negotiation, and much more. The popular lead generation services leverage the power of B2B platforms to offer valid and convertible leads. It allows buyers to ask sellers instantly for possible discounts. All these rewards have made B2B platform preferable for many businesses.

The Top B2B Platforms for Growth


Below are the leading B2B platforms for businesses to grow your startup. These platforms offer remarkable benefits to both buyers and sellers:

Global Sources

Global Sources serve as one of the leading B2B platforms that are also listed on the NASDAQ as GSOL. Global Sources is widely popular due to authentic suppliers belonging to diverse industries. A large number of Chinese manufacturers pay a hefty fee to achieve verified membership on Global Sources. The platform was introduced in Singapore in 2000. Currently, Global Sources assists international import/export, attracting Small, Medium, to Enterprise level businesses around the world.

In essence, Global Sources serves as a directory comprising of suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. A large number of Chinese businesses are available on the Global Sources. The platform has collaborated with the international Trade Fair across Hong Kong. A large number of manufacturers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China participate in these events. According to the stats mentioned in Wikipedia, about 95 out of 100 retail chains in the world utilize Global Sources for collaborating with manufacturers and suppliers.

Businesses have a broad range of choices among the suppliers and manufacturers. The platform has collaborated with the Hong Kong Trade Fairs as well. A large number of members own registered companies with most of the experience in the West. It promotes the durability, design, customer service, along with the rules for international trade. Putting it simply, the platform offers great ways for trading.


eWorldTrade is a relatively fresh B2B website that has achieved a notable reputation. eWorldTrade offers a whole new approach to both sellers and buyers for collaborating. The B2B platform is owned by none other than the Reckon Media LLC United States. Its parent company holds a vast experience in providing digital media and technology-based services.

eWorldTrade’s headquarters are located in the Dallas, Texas. The leading B2B platform has an aim to assist the Chinese dealers, suppliers, and manufacturers in their journey to associate. eWorldTrade is the fastest growing network with about thousands of dealers, sellers, suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers who are registering consistently every day to meet the potential clients located across different regions in the world.

About thousands of manufacturers from various countries and cities register themselves on eWorldTrade on daily basis. According to business researchers’, this B2B platform will soon be the biggest competitor to the leading B2B platforms. The eWorldTrade provides businesses with an opportunity to resell a broad range of services and products. The platform has proven to be rewarding for various SMBs in China, offering a great way to globalize.


Alibaba is the popular Chinese consortium located in the Hangzhou. The B2B platform is dedicated stands as the leading E-commerce platform that offers business-to-business, consumer sales portals, retail, and much more. The B2B platform accepts online payment services along with a comparison search engine. Also, the website offers data storage on cloud servers. In 2012, the Alibaba’s portals achieved a surprising 1.1 trillion yuan i.e. $170,000 million sales. The platform achieved more sales than the combined sales of its competitors — eBay and Amazon.

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Today, the company operates from within the Mainland China. Interestingly, in 2013, an Economist Magazine estimated that the consortium might be valued at between $55 and $120 billion. However, the company achieved a revenue of about $7.5 billion and 22,000 employees by the end of 2014.

Alibaba has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and currently it serves as one of the pioneers in B2B platforms with having more than about 35 million users worldwide. The company has about 10 associated companies including the Alibaba China, Tmall, Juhuasuan, Taobao, AliExpress, China Smart Logistics, Alimama, Aliyun, and AliPay. The company holds shares in different areas. However, the company runs from three different websites including Toabo, Tmall, and Alibaba.


DHgate stands as the popular B2B platform that enables importers from different regions of the world to purchase Chinese products in small volume at a wholesale rate. At DHgate, customers can purchase electronic products, decorative stuff, clothing, sports items, and much more. The DHgate has listed about more than thirty million products in 226+ countries around the world. The company serves more than 5 million customers and is currently listed among the 2100 most visited websites.

However, DHgate was once accused as a scam website in past. Afterward, the accusations were overcome by the increasing popularity of a website. Similar to Amazon and eBay, the website stands as the global vendor. In addition, the website is used by about at least 1 million small vendors located in China. DHgate closely watches the providers carefully for any potential frauds. However, it is very difficult to ensure that every seller is legal.

Various suppliers working at the DHgate deliver products that are certified by the RoHS, CE, and FCC. The most simple way to identify an unauthentic product is entering the product name and certificate standard in the search field. Interestingly, products in the United States and European Union need compliance with specific standards like CE, FCC, and EN71. Some of the products on DHgate cope up with the standards of Europe and US. Since there is a broad range of products to purchase from DHgate, we suggest American and European buyers avoid specific products such as electronics, toys, children products, automobiles, chemicals, and more.


The Korean E-commerce website ECPlaza was launched in 4 different languages i.e. Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. This website is one of the rapidly growing websites in South Korea. ECPlaza had started operating as the B2B trading website in the year 1996 and has now grown into leading online Trade platform. The website offers online and offline services to more than 400,000 members worldwide. ECPlaza doesn’t run an E-commerce website only, but trade consultation, EDI services, and much more. The website also offers offline trading services to small, medium, and enterprise level businesses.

With having a diverse network and superior brand recognition, the company has expanded its businesses to global marketing by offering better values including business opportunities, cost-effectiveness, and convenience. More than four million offers are made on their website, making their site the leading B2B platform worldwide. Moreover, their website is listed among the top ranked sites on the search engines.

In addition, the ECPlaza serves as the prime source of information for exporters, importers, suppliers, sellers, and buyers located in different regions in the world. Also, suppliers can advertise their products and services hassle-freely. Buyers can come up with diverse information, products, and services that various businesses offer. This makes ECPlaza a remarkable B2B platform for masses.


Since a majority of popular B2B websites tends to sell products of every kind; the Fibre2Fashion maintains its focus on fashion. The site was created with an aim to provide services to the textile business solely. Their website offers wide-ranging products, magazines, corporate analysis, and more solutions. The website serves as a great Business-to-Business platform for buyers and sellers from different regions in the world. The website is based in India, and thus includes more of the suppliers from India. However, their product quality is great. The website was built in 2000, and since then has been expanding rapidly.


ECVV stands as the popular B2B platform. The site was created in 2003 with an aim to assist the traders globally. In addition, the B2B platform is based in China and has dominated the B2B sales around the world. ECBB is a reliable website to make purchases. The website offers a place to global buyers and sellers for purchasing and selling quality-rich products.


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