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The Future of Sales with Max Altschuler

Max Altschuler is a sales master who founded the leading B2B sales media company, Sales Hacker, which had over 150,000 monthly visitors just before joining Outreach.

At Outreach, Max leads in everything related to marketing and is regarded as a thought leader of sales. He has been published by Forbes, Time, Harvard Business Review, and Quora.

He also literally wrote the book on modern sales with “Sales Hacks: The Playbook for Building a High-Velocity Sales Machine.

On the podcast, Max discusses the future of sales and forward thinking.

How Did Max Create Sales Hacker?

When Max was an early employee of a company called Udemy, he was tasked with building the sales side of the marketplace. Because the company was small, he didn’t have a lot of money at his disposal. He ended up using a sales development team in the Philippines to get the jobs done.

Even though they didn’t speak English, Max would funnel them keywords, and they would use the keywords to find leads. Then, they would utilize the 10-80-10 rule, which meant they would personalize the beginning and end of messages, but keep the middle relatively generic.

After this experience, Max jumped around from company to company, until finally starting Sales Hacker as a conference. Now, Sales Hacker is getting up to 200,000 monthly visitors.

Max believes that the key to Sales Hacker’s success is staying relevant and being on the cutting edge of the newest trends.

What is the Idea Behind Outreach?

Outreach is a sales engagement platform that allows people to sell in the most modern way.

One of the ways it does this is by using omnichannel. Omnichannel is a system of sales that focuses on pinpointing the correct channels for marketing.

For instance, not everyone is regularly answering phone calls. Some people are glued to their computer monitors all day. Therefore, contacting them through email would be the way to go. Omnichannel is a platform that understands this dynamic.

How is Sales Technology Changing?

Max believes that the generation gap is compressing due to the rapid pace of technology. And it’s only going to keep speeding up.

For this reason, it’s important for salespeople and marketers to adapt. For example, getting people’s attention is only going to get harder with more technology. This issue is another reason why omnichannel is so important going forward.

Another trick of new technology is figuring out when to use it and when to rely on old ways. Going back and forth like this comes up in regard to automation, which can sometimes be inflexible. For Max, he believes it’s important for technology to augment the human element, not replace it.

What Will Sales Look Like in 2025?

Technology is becoming better and better at analyzing data. Max also believes that conversational AI isn’t far away, which will be able to communicate suggestions to salespeople not through numbers, but actual language.

Max predicts that AI learning how to communicate effectively will be a huge part of the future. Even now, Gmail has a feature that will finish your sentences, even going so far as to read your writing and predict your writing voice.

Which Skills Should Salespeople Be Learning?

Coding is going be a large part of the future, as will any other kind of technology type of work. Even though this may seem difficult, being able to adapt to new technologies will separate the winners from the losers.

If this sounds too difficult, Max recommends adopting a growth mindset. In other words, rewire your brain to view difficult circumstances as growth opportunities, as opposed to brick walls.

You’re happening to the world. The world isn’t happening to you.

Always keeping an eye out for efficiency is another of Max’s ideas. There’s always a way to make things better, smoother, and faster.

If you’re selling B2B, learning how to use LinkedIn is a vital part of your success. It’s where you’ll find like-minded people and where you can effectively share content.

Where Can You Learn More About Max?

Learn more about Max Altschuler by checking out his official website: or follow him on LinkedIn

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