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The Future of Work After Covid-19: 8 Jobs That Are Declining

Challenging Times

The Covid-19 pandemic affects our population in many ways. Schools and workplaces closing, fear and anxiety skyrocketing, and the economy suffering. It hit us suddenly – with no time to adapt fully to its unforgiving grip. These challenging times left many of us wondering about our health, work, and education, figuring out what to do next and where to go for help. Many of us lost our connection to our friends, partners, or people at work.

Anxiety, especially about our work, has become our new normal. Similar to shaky ground, many people are in limbo about their work and career lives, constantly wondering what will shake them up next. Some who had stable jobs suddenly switched to part-time work-from-home scenarios. At the same time, some completely lost their jobs due to their declining need.

You’ll often hear to invest in your career, craft a winning resume, or simply get more interviews with your future employers, and you’ll be good. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. Even if you’re a professional with many years of work experience, a high school diploma, lots of training, and accomplishments – you can’t be sure you’ll land an interview with recruiting firms on the job market. Even if you do land a job, a dream job even, your growth in that career field and your future experience are not guaranteed. We’ll explore 8 different jobs that are declining after the pandemic.

But before we do, here is some quick advice to help you keep trying – and feel safe at your job, no matter the circumstances.

Quick Advice

You don’t need a career advice expert to navigate the vast seas of career uncertainty. The answer is optimizing what you already have. It could be your:

·  resume
·  CV
·  LinkedIn profile
·  cover letter

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It’s a great way to reach out and get noticed by hiring managers. Almost every job application should have a cover letter, and here’s more good news.
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8 Jobs That Are in Decline After Covid-19

1. Event Coordinator

Demands for Event Planners and Coordinators have dramatically decreased. It’s only logical, as events all over the world have come to a halt. Individuals who worked in those occupations suddenly were left jobless, with their duties put off to a later date. Related positions, such as Administrative Assistants or Event Technologist, reached their decline peak after the pandemic, too.

These individuals first had to accept that events are not going to be held any time soon – and that they can’t switch to an online job, no matter their experiences or key skills. With all that said, let’s hope live events will come back again, now mightier than ever!

Image source: Unsplash

2. Chef

Chefs all over the world are losing their positions. With restaurants and pubs closing, it’s logical that there’s little to no need for them, which is challenging to many. Chef job seekers can find their place as personal chefs or private ones, so here’s an idea.

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If you’re one of many who lost their jobs, do an extensive job search, write a mind-blowing resume that will amaze even the resume-scanning software and the ATS (applicant tracking system) – and reach out to a private recruiter. You can continue what you love to do, plus the salary may skyrocket!

3. Product Demonstrator

Product demonstrators are known to work in busy public areas, promoting products for different startups or companies. Without their service, many businesses would still be mainly unknown to the rest of the public. Now that those busy areas are no longer alive, the need for demonstrators has significantly declined.

One way to go around it is the recruiter’s will to digitalize the marketing process. If you’re a product demonstrator, maybe you’ve already dipped your toe into online waters – promoting services in different videos, posts, and platforms. It’s a great way to both keep doing what you love, as well as reach a wider audience.

4. Physical Therapist

Physical Therapists work with all sorts of people; their main goal is to help bring the body’s physical structure back to its normal state. As an employee in the field, you’re sure to deal with people of all ages and sizes, which is a big problem during the Covid-19 pandemic. But there could be a way to go around it.

As these difficult times pass, the need for mental health professionals and therapists has also reached its peak – and shifted from a physical place to the online world. Considering the possibility of online physical therapy sessions may just be what you need. Although it won’t replace professional assistance, it could be an excellent way to learn common exercises and practices.

5. Professor

Teaching is a profession that’s almost always in need. No matter their qualification, with schools closing, professors lost their ability to interact with their students in an engaging way. But they quickly thought of a way to go around that, too.

If you’re a teacher, don’t worry, the world of online education is the new norm. Course creation sites, like Zoom or Google Classroom, offer teachers organized help with lectures. They can interact with students, create practices and tests, and simply teach online. With applications for phones and similar devices, teaching has never been more widespread.

6. Receptionist

This is another logical deduction – with public spaces closing, receptionist positions are becoming more and more unavailable. Data from CNBC shows that, from October 2019 to October 2020, more than 6000 job openings for Receptionists have closed. That’s around 35% fewer positions due to Covid.

If you’re struggling with this challenging statistic, don’t lose hope. Try to use your Receptionist skills in as many areas and jobs as you can. Start by optimizing your bot-beating resume and try to get noticed by the ATS system and ATS bots. In other words, make it easier for the applicant tracking process to find you and make you attractive to those hiring. Here are just some career resources and positions in great need of a receptionist:
· Physicians’ offices
· Hospitals
· Office settings
· Private businesses

7. Stylist

Stylists, you guessed it, style clothes and pick different outfits that occupy the vast fashion industry. The stylist’s job, although it’s not that of a labourer, is often challenging. It requires extensive knowledge of design, the fashion industry, and communication and cooperation with clients. The job of a professional stylist is sometimes very demanding.

Stylists often scan fashion pieces and design garments for fashion events of every kind. With Covid creeping in, you can see why that’d be a problem. If you’re in a similar struggle, try to reach out to private designers that hire humans in the fashion design process.

8. Accountant

With the economy crashing, businesses all over are closing, and that’s detrimental to many. From managers, employees, and other staff to Account Executives and Accountants. With no ongoing business, tracking expenses, income, and bookkeeping cease to exist.

Some employers tried to combat the problem with some kind of automation software or doing the writing business themselves. Sadly, not many can replace a good Accountant when it comes to keeping the business correct, in circulation, and according to law. Again, if you’re in a similar struggle, try to reach out to smaller businesses – or offer your services online.

The Wrap-Up

Covid has taken our world by storm. Dealing with health, school, and career issues is almost a daily struggle. But remember this. By not giving up and putting yourself out there, you’re increasing the chances of finding a well-paid job that you’ll love.

By learning new skills or meeting new people, uncertainty in your profession will come to a minimum – and you’ll come out of this as a winner.
In other words, keep searching, knocking, and trying. Someone will for sure answer.

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