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The Law of Opposition

Find the Good in the Bad. Make a Success of Your Challenge

Over the years I have studied what’s come to be called – Universal Laws. Some examples are: The Law of Attraction, The Law of Vibration, The Law of Polarity (The Law of Opposites), The Law of Cause & Effect (Sowing & Reaping) and many others. As of yesterday morning, I read of another Law… The law of opposition.

It makes perfect sense!

According to the law of opposition – obstacles, stumbling blocks, mistakes, and rejection are marvelous things. This is opposition deliberately put in front of you, to teach you and make you stronger. but when we misunderstand and allow such opposition to breed negativity, disappointment, and discouragement, we are misunderstanding the awesome “Power of Opposition”, especially when “We can conquer it” and “Learn from it”.

Water flowing in a stream tends to purify itself, whereas still or stagnant water becomes contaminated with bacteria and toxic. Compare stagnant water to laziness. It is but natural for laziness to promote opposition such as negativity, distraction, bad habits, unhappiness, idleness, chaos, and indolence.


Think about the fact that Airplanes always rise against the opposition of the wind, not with it. The healthiest of trees are not found deep in the forests. The healthiest trees are loners. They are the biggest and have the deepest roots because they sit on top of the hill compelled to resist the opposition of the sun, the wind, and the storms to ensure their existence.

To manufacture steel of superior quality you have to heat it, hammer it and pound it. That’s how you produce the strongest steel. You probably heard of Newton’s law, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” You’ve probably also been told that there is opposition in all things.

We must understand and accept the fact that opposition is essential and necessary for personal growth as well as achievement. We will grow faster and get more done when we come to understand and learn from the principle of opposition.

Accept the fact that when you struggle and often face opposition, you will be compelled to grow, especially if you allow yourself to grow.

I am well aware that many are going through challenging times which according to the law of opposition we can grow, improve and learn a tremendous amount from.

The undeniable truth

“In every negative… there is always a positive!”


When I recall the example above of the tree, I think of one of my favorite quotes. I heard it over two decades ago yet never forgot and it. Here it is

“Good timber does not grow with ease… The stronger the wind, The stronger the trees!” – Mr. Marriott (Hotel Entrepreneur)

Here’s to your success! (even in Opposition)

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