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The Power of Imagination

There are many great examples that show how imagination directly changes your physical experience. I once heard a story about an American POW during the Vietnam War who used his imagination to keep himself focused on the positive while he was imprisoned. Every day this man would play a round of golf in his mind. Not just any round of golf, but the most spectacular game his imagination could conjure up in full, vivid detail. This man would smell the air and feel the heat and the breeze as he walked up to each tee box. He would feel the weight of the golf club in his hand and imagine his fluid swing knocking the ball straight into the middle of the fairway. His iron game was amazing and his putting was out-of-this-world phenomenal. Now, before the war this man had never broken 90 on a golf course in his life. You can imagine his surprise when, after his release, he shot a 72 his first time back on a golf course. That is the power of imagination, and if you don’t consciously use it to your advantage, your fear will use it until you feel as if nothing will ever go your way.

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