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The Secret to Success

Many people set a goal for themselves and then immediately determine the strategy they will use to achieve the goal. Leaders often believe that if people are given the right strategy and work hard, they will achieve the results they desire. They assume if people are not achieving their goals, they must not be working hard enough or there is something wrong with their strategy. 

In most cases, the reason people fail to achieve their goals has nothing to do with how hard they are working or the strategy they are using. The culprit is generally failing to address the important steps that must occur before moving to strategy. 

Keep reading to understand why your strategies – the “how” to do something – are not what is holding you back from reaching your goals. 


Belief is everything. When we are young, we are provided a set of beliefs from our family, our caregivers, and our culture. Some beliefs can be assets and some can be liabilities which is why it is important to take a look at your beliefs. You need to be sure they are supporting you, not limiting you.

Belief is the key to why you have or have not achieved results. The most important thing to understand when beginning something new is what you need to BELIEVE in order to achieve your goal.  

Belief is a feeling of certainty about something. What you currently believe is true for you and you only. This is why you will see two people who believe completely opposite things qualify and justify why their belief is right and the other person’s is wrong. What they don’t understand is that beliefs are just an emotion; they are not real. 

If your results are incongruent or inconsistent with what you desire to have in your life, you have an issue with belief. You must determine what beliefs are holding you back and change them to align with what you want to create in your life. There are three ways to shape and change beliefs: significant emotional events – events that shape what we think and believe about something; our daily conditioning – what we consistently do over and over again; and our environment – the people we surround ourselves with and where we come from. 


A Significant Emotional Event is when you go through something so profound that it shapes what you believe about yourself, the world around you, and/or your place in it. Some significant emotional events can be very painful to experience, such as losing a loved one or experiencing a career setback, while others can be joyous and exciting, such as becoming a parent. 

However, there is a secret to successfully using significant emotional events to change your beliefs: you can proactively step out of your comfort zone and create a significant emotional event that will build the beliefs you need to achieve your goals. For example, if you have a fear of public speaking, and you know you need to overcome it to reach your career goals, you can work on singing karaoke to overcome the fear.

Conditioning is a process you can use to build any habit through doing the same small action every day. With commitment and consistency you can condition new habits of thought and action. These new habits can move you toward your goal or away from it. For example, do you consistently tell yourself how amazing you are or how inadequate you are? What do you consistently believe about yourself and your own capability? 

To create any lasting change in your life, you must first believe it can be done. If you do not believe you have the capability to achieve the goal or the ability to develop it, you will sabotage your success every time. You must condition your mind to focus on creating the beliefs that will support the achievement of your goals.

With regard to your Environment, consider the five people you choose to talk to the most. The person who is most certain and confident about their beliefs will influence others to adopt their beliefs. That is why it is so important to understand what you need to believe to achieve your goals so you are not influenced to believe something that may stand in the way of your success.  

When people join your team, you want to show them what they need to believe to be successful in their new environment. You do not want them to fail because they have the wrong beliefs or influence the rest of the team to adopt their beliefs and disrupt the success of the team. 

The key to consciously aligning your beliefs with what you want to create in your life is deciding which vehicle you will proactively use to shape your beliefs.

Scotoma and Fear

Most people only want to change their strategy to get new results. The reality is that everything starts with and is driven by what you believe about a particular result and everything associated with that particular result. If your beliefs aren’t aligned with the results you’re looking to gain, you most likely will not see the possibilities and strategies to reach them. We call this a scotoma — a ‘blind spot’ in your path toward your goals; it does not allow you to see anything outside of what you believe. 

Anytime you do something new, fear comes in and challenges the strength of your beliefs or paralyzes your effort, causing more possibility for a scotoma to prevent you from seeing a clear path through it. Check your blind spots by asking others you trust and respect to help you see things differently. Always start with and go back to your beliefs!


As humans, we have unlimited capability. Our capabilities are unleashed or locked up based on what we believe about our abilities. You have to recognize that you possess the ability and capability to do certain things because your beliefs support you being able to do them. It is never about whether or not you are capable; it is about whether you believe you are capable, your team is capable, or the company is capable. Find a way to create the belief systems that will tap into your unlimited capability.


Strategy is the particular method or way you are going to achieve your results, and there are limitless strategies in the world. As leaders, we so often get caught up in “how” we want our team members to do things, when in reality there is no single right or wrong way to get to a result. 

The “how” is not the problem. In fact many companies give the strategy away. They recognize the secret sauce is not in the strategy; it’s in the belief. You can have the perfect strategy for the goal you want to accomplish, but if your belief is not in alignment with what you want to achieve, you will sabotage the strategy. Strategy is not going to help if the belief is not there.

You can support team members to reach their results by helping them understand their beliefs about the strategies they are using. If they are in alignment, they will be successful. If they are not successful, they have limiting beliefs about some aspect of themselves, the team, the strategy, or the product.


Results are the outcomes, visions, goals, and things you are trying to achieve. The more clear you can be about what you want, what you need to believe to achieve what you want, and the strategy to get there, the easier it will be to achieve the results. If you do not know where you are going and what you are trying to achieve, then it is impossible to align your beliefs, tap into your unlimited capacity, and select a strategy to get there.

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About the author

Brooke Dukes is currently supporting NASP as Chief Sales Officer leading strategy and business development. Prior to NASP, Brooke was a multi-million dollar producer and excelled at various executive-level positions in sales and business development, including two Fortune100 companies. She has worked with some of the largest and most successful companies including Lear, General Motors, and United Airlines, and across multiple industries, such as insurance, skincare and cosmetics, technology, and banking.

Brooke has her BS from Michigan State University. She is a mother of two successful children and an avid traveler. Exploring the world and helping people achieve their dreams is her passion. Brooke resides in Austin Tx.