7 Simple Secrets to Turning Prospects into Customers

Turning prospects in to customers is a big challenge many business owners face especially when they are not skilled in the selling process. But having customers is necessary to grow your business so here are 7 simple secrets to turning prospects into customers.

  1. Attract the right prospect to your funnel

    It is very easy to think that everyone is a prospect but the reality is that not everyone is right for you. You know your true value and what you can do for your customers. Use marketing strategies that attract your ideal prospect to you. For example, if your product is geared towards the wealthy and is priced accordingly, you want to attract prospects who can afford your offering.
  2. Be willing to give

    Sometimes people need to experience you first before they are willing to engage your services. Be willing to share your knowledge, your expertise and yourself for free to attract prospects. Don't hold back, put out your best and most powerful stuff. If people like what they experience, they will seek you out when they need your services.
  3. Stop talking and start listening

    Stop trying to sell your prospects and start looking for ways to serve. The best way to do this is by simply listening. Get your prospect to talk about themselves and from your heart, offer your services to help them. Be creative and think out of the box.
  4. Look for ways you can truly serve

    When you are really listening, you should be able to open your mind and be creative. If you are truly coming from a place that is authentic, you will be able to find ways that you can truly serve the needs of your prospect.
  5. Be authentic and real

    Business is based upon relationships so open yourself up to relate with people. Be authentic and be real. If you follow all of the above steps and you are true and come from a place of high integrity, your prospects will pick up that quality.
  6. Show them it's an investment, not an expense

    Banish the word budget from your vocabulary. Really focus on the benefits and the outcomes and talk to your prospect about making an investment that is going to yield a return, versus an expense.
  7. Eliminate the risk

    Some people will still be uncertain so remove the risk. Offer them a guarantee of some sort so they can test you out before they commit. Sometimes people need this safety net, so make it easy for your prospect to do business with you.
Kellie D'Andrea
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Kellie D'Andrea is the No Fluff, All Stuff Marketing Coach and the Creator of the BLAST Marketing System. She also teaches a FREE virtual Marketing Class every Monday to teach business owners how to attract and retain more customers. Sign Up Here : http://kelliedandrea.com/blog/marketing-mondays/
  • /data/userPictures/40F4C53C-556C-42A8-8824-6FED4FC3AF06.jpgRaul Ruiz,Jr.7/29/2015 1:45:29 AM
    Number "5" really hit home for me and I absolutely agree with this premise. You gotta be real and authentic. I work in Hospital Sales. The sales rep before me had a very difficult time in this territory and no growth as a result. I took over this role when this rep moved on and i was scared at first. What if I fail? what if I cant make my quota? The first thing my new account contacts told me was to be real and be honest. That's it! I was told that if I can do that, then we will all get along fine. Two years later I have grown revenue in that territory for my company by over 245%. Its been a real treat making new friends and serving my customers. I love my sales job and I love my customers even more. Its been very rewarding and I'm glad I took the risk taking this position. Great article Kellie and very useful tips here.