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Three Roles of Your Thank You Page

Many online retailers and marketers make a big mistake in not leveraging their thank you page as an opportunity to build a relationship with their customers and reinforce their brands. The customer experience involves more than just your website and content; it continues on to your thank you page and then to the delivery of […]

Proven Networking Tips for Successful Connections

Throughout history, fortunes have been made by people whose first big break came from a friend of a friend or a close contact. Long before computers and the internet, there was another way to make business connections – networking. By networking with others, you have the ability to open opportunities and make connections that could […]

5 Things You Must Do When Creating Marketing Messages

In marketing, you have less than 8 seconds to grab the attention of your audience to compel them to continue on to read the rest of your copy. That is all the time you have to jolt the brain and connect with your reader to make them interested in what you are selling so It […]

3 Voice Mail Mistakes that Can Kill the Deal

With email communications achieving an all time high these days, many business owners neglect to use a very effective and proven sales method. Picking up the phone and calling somebody! Reaching out to potential customers, prospects and partners by phone can be the most successful and cost effective way to connect. But ending up in […]

Aim High, Use Powerful Resolve, and Stand Firm

As we enter a new year and commit to our professional and personal resolutions there is one word that comes to mind: Dedication. Dedication is focusing your energy and all of your efforts on a task or to a particular course of action until they are complete. No exceptions and no matter what challenges or […]

How to be in charge of your life!

Each year many of set out with the greatest of intentions as we proclaim our New Year’s Resolutions, but in order for us to know what we want to change, we must conduct a complete analysis of our lives and assess what we like, what we don’t and more importantly what we want to change. […]

Does Your “Thank You” Page Reinforce Your Brand?

Through a brand promise, a company commits to its customer a certain experience each and every time the customer interacts with that business. When a customer enters a bricks and mortar store and makes a purchase the experience is complete when the sales associate remembers to say “thank you, please come again” so shouldn’t the […]

5 Critical Components to a Successful Marketing Plan

Businesses that are successful usually have a marketing plan and most would tell you that while executing the plan has its challenges, developing the plan and deciding what to do and how to do it was the longest part of the process. Your marketing plan should be clear, concise, and a well thought out document […]

5 Important Things to Ask Your Customers

Too often the difference between your business moving at the speed of molasses versus the speed of light is failing to ask your customers certain questions that will make a big difference in your business. Here are 5 important things all business owners should ask their customers. Ask for the BusinessThe number one mistake most […]

Help! My Competitors are Low Balling Their Price…

In the constant battle for customers coupled with a bad economy, is it any wonder that some of your competition is engaging in a price war? After all of your hard work, experience and service you offer, you are now forced to reduce your prices simply because your competition is offering rock bottom pricing? Hogwash! […]