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12 Creative Marketing Tricks for Immediate Results

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Did you ever have a need to be creative on a short notice? Perhaps your client or boss is looking for a new marketing piece or your competitor is in a weak position and you need to get something into the market quickly?

12 quick ideas to test for fast turnarounds


1. Get Personal One of the fastest techniques is to use somebody’s name. People love the sound of their name and pay attention when their name is used. Whether you are going direct mail or email, target specific people and personalize the contact by using their name.

2. Launch a Referral Program Everybody knows over 200 people so why not tap into your associates, friends and partner’s network. Create a referral program and incentivize people to promote your brand. Treat your referral program as one of your top-notch programs and be generous with your rewards to those who are out promoting your business.

3. Face to Face Meetings with Prospects and Clients Get out in front of your customers and prospects and get in front of decision makers. Too many times people hide behind email. The best way to get immediate results is a face to face meeting. So fly out to see those people in your business that can make a difference.

4. Go on a Media Tour One of the most inexpensive ways to create a buzz about your company is to use the media to build it. To do so, you need to inform the media of what you are doing. Put out press releases, put together media kits and send them out to everyone in your industry. Research talk radio shows and send them your press release and ask them to be on their show.

5. Offer Free Training People have a natural curiosity to learn. A great way to get your name out there and position you as an expert in your niche is to offer free training on a topic that is hot in your industry. People will sign up and will begin to spread the word. – Don’t forget to tell them to share the news that you are offering free training with everyone they know.

6. Network 5 Technique Right now you have a big asset called social capital. Review your network and do 1 random act of kindness for 5 people in your network with no expectations of an outcome for you. Connect others together, recommend service or product or point them to a great website. This builds equity in those relationships. Do this every day for a month and watch your brand grow.

7. Create a Specialty Program Create a specialty program that does not cost your customers anything, but by simply being part of your community; they get access to free tips, tools, research, newsletters and events. This gives you a way to continually stay in front of your customers and to reward them for doing business with you. It is easier to sell to existing customers than it is to acquire new ones.

8. Place Ads Where Your Audience Will See Them Advertising is an effective way to get your name or your brand out into the marketplace. Research what your target market is reading and place an ad in those magazines. Make your ad compelling and create an offer that drives them to your squeeze page so you can capture their email address and calculate the effectiveness of your advertising.

9. Write Articles in Magazines, Papers, and Ezines Your Audience Reads If you want to be an expert in your niche, why not contact local newspapers and magazines and write an article on your niche. Another method is to write an advertorial – a combination ad and article which offers a visual component (graphics) with strong content (writing) to educate your audience on a process, tip or method.

10. Partner with Other Marketers on a Joint Offering, Free Gifts and or Products There are many others selling into your target market but are not competitors. For quick results, tap into their client lists and join forces to offer a joint product or offering or simply offer your clients a free product or service from the other marketer in exchange for him doing the same.

11. Offer Special Deep Discounts People love a sale! Offer special discounts for your existing customers, for first movers to a new product or simply because…. To get immediate results a special discount program will yield tremendous results.

12. Have a Contest People love to win and have fun so have a contest that gives something valuable away and will create a buzz, drive people to your store, your website or your place of business and enhance your brand. For the hat trick: Have a contest, tell you network 5 and sell it to the media.

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