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A Pop of Color

As I walk out of my front door each day, I take a moment to scan the neighborhood. For the longest time, I only saw shades of grey and white as we wait for the snow to melt. On this particular day, when I scanned up and down the street, I noticed to see the beginnings of spring: Green grass and blooming trees; blue skies and a bright sun. But to my amazement, my eye was immediately drawn to the splash of color from the flowers and beautiful azalea bushes and magnolia trees.

I no longer noticed the “typical scenery”. I noticed this POP of color and instantly felt compelled to take an action… smile.

So my question is “What is your own individual POP of color?” – “How do you or your business stand out from the typical scenery?” What can you do to separate yourself from the ordinary and break away from the status quo?

Each one of us has a POP of color, a special quality or differentiator that makes us unique. What is your POP of color that would compel your customers to take action?

Whether you are in business and looking to set yourself apart from your competition or a professional looking to advance your career, be sure to highlight those qualities that make you special.

In the words of Cindy Lauper “Don’t be afraid, to let them show, your true colors, true colors are beautiful … like a rainbow.”

Customers are instantly attracted to color, so I challenge you to celebrate yours and find what makes you or your business POP! Here are some things to think about:

Do you have a unique methodology, system or process that is unique to you or your business?

For example, I am the creator of the BLAST Marketing System. This is a differentiator because I am the only creator of this system that I use in my business and teach my clients to use in their business.

Do you bring additional value to your customers – meaning specific additions that your competition does not include in their offering?

Remember value is perceived by the customer so you want to make sure you are throwing in more and more each time. Give your customers the Ritz experience and offer something unique that your competition isn’t offering.

Do you have special branding, a mascot, a tagline or a promise that is unmatched in your industry? Remember Dominos… “Delivered in 30 mins or less”. They claimed ownership to that promise and delivered on it each time…differentiated themselves from the millions of other pizza shops. They didn’t focus on offering the best pizza… they focused on delivery as a key differentiator.

So What Is Your POP of Color?

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