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Five Smart Words To Use With Angry Customers

In the course of your lead generation work, you might have encountered more than one case where customers give you a call, expressing their displeasure in the service or product that you gave them. You might feel like you are in real trouble.

The bad news? You really are. At worst, it can have a negative impact on your ability to get B2B leads in the future. But there is no need to panic on this. Come to think of it, mad customers is an opportunity for your business to show how committed you are to them.

To do that, you only need to say a few things in their favor:

  1. I’m sorry” – this is the most basic line you have to say to customers. These have the effect of calming them down enough for you to handle their problem.Besides, this shows them that you are also compassionate about their concerns. Your telemarketing representatives should be trained to respond to customers with these words.
  2. “We’ll solve this together” – this is a good line to say to customers in trouble. Showing them your willingness to assist them. Remember, your customers are mad because they have a problem, and that they need help.And the reason they are turning to you is because they could not find anyone who can help them. You should be there to assist them in that regard.
  3. “For you, what is a fair and reasonable solution?” – this opens up communication channels with customers. More often than not, when you open your discussion with these lines, they are more than willing to negotiate. You just give them the opportunity to discuss solutions with you.
  4. “Are you satisfied with our solution, and will you still do business with us in the future?” – this is a good question that you can use to gauge the success of your service to your customers.If your customer says no in either or both questions, then it means you still have work to do. Try following it and you will be able to save these sales leads from moving to your competitors.
  5. “Thank you” – this is one of the most powerful words that you can use to smooth the ruffled feathers of your customers. Come to think of it, it is really appropriate.Customers have a problem, they still took the effort to call, they did what you asked them to do, and did not immediately turn to your competitors. You should be grateful they gave you a chance to fix the mess that your offer might have created.

Of course, these words and phrases are not magic spells that you can use with any disgruntled customer. But these are good stuff to start on.

If you want to ensure that your lead generation campaign would still succeed in the future, you have to make sure that the sales leads you have now will not be lost. They are investments you should value very well.

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