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Get New Customers by Giving it Away

In today’s day and age, obtaining a customer’s trust is one of the biggest acquisitions any business can hope to obtain but we often let our marketing fluff get in the way of making a true connection that leads to a purchase since most of our customers are bombarded with marketing messages every day, our message is often lost in the sea of ‘branding”. But, have no fear…. There is a tried and true method out there for really making a connection…. It is called sampling.

Let your customers try before they buy. It is one of the most successful marketing methods out there so don’t just give your customers a list of benefits, features and fluff, let them try out your product or service for themselves. This act of faith builds credibility and more importantly, builds trust and we all know that trust leads to a loyal customer for years to come. According to a recent study by the Opinion Research Corp, 81% of the people purchased the product after being given a sample first. So what if you could increase your business by simply giving away a taste? Would that have a direct impact on your business?

So when you think about your own business is there a way you can let your customer experience your service or your product first? At Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shops across the country, you are handed a tiny pink spoon so you can try any flavor before actually purchasing it. Not only does this gesture remove the fear of making the wrong selection ( i.e. buyers remorse), it creates an experience that the customer remembers and the business can leverage into its marketing to attract more customers.

Want to increase your conversion rates? Give your products and services away.

Go back to basics and allow customers to sample before they buy. Rediscovering this tried and true marketing strategy will be one of the fastest ways you will bring new customers into your business so here are some tips so you are successful:

  1. Target the right customer for the best impact.
  2. Limit the program to one sample per customer.
  3. Market your free giveaway for optimal results.
  4. Measure your results and adjust where necessary.

So look at your own business and find ways to create your own “pink spoon” philosophy. It could be a free sample of a product you offer, the first chapter of your new book or a free coaching session. No matter what business you are in, build trust with your customers by giving them a try before they buy!

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