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How B2B Telemarketing Works Better Than Other Lead Generation Methods?

Marketing methods will never remain static. We can find many new approaches in the market today. Despite the progress, the traditional methods such as telemarketing and email marketing are still dominating the business world because of its competency. Most of the businesses are not yet ready to ditch the old methods, especially telemarketing. If you had a notion that telemarketing was dead then, you are wrong. It still works in this digital age impeccably!

Let us see how it works better than other prominent B2B lead generation methods.

Telemarketing vs. Social Media

Social media is the youngest as well as the fastest growing market trend online. It has challenged various other approaches such as direct marketing, email marketing, and telemarketing campaigns. And, it does not surprise anyone since it has gained wide popularity in the market. One can quickly build their brand value and also identify the target market using social media strategies. But Telemarketing works better than it when you implement it correctly.

For instance, if you post any exciting news on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, you will attract many responses in a short while. But you can never truly engage them in your conversation like how you do via telephone calls. Also, the discussions in social media or through emails will go on forever. Nevertheless, it will never happen in telemarketing since the marketers have timing constraints, and they have a well-prepared script that conveys their message to clients quickly.

People will miss the real human touch while interacting with the customer service representatives through messaging. Through telephone calls, they can clear their doubts and create a long-lasting bond with their favorite brand.

Telemarketing vs. Website

Some people say website marketing is better and less disruptive than old telemarketing approach. They say so because, in website marketing, you use the internet to broadcast your message to a set of the audience instead of directly approaching them over email or telephone calls. And also if you use the right keyword to boost the page, people will come to you without you contacting them. It is a splendid advantage when compared to other B2B lead generation methods.

However, like every other inbound marketing method, website marketing has its drawback. There are chances where your page may have to face a long time of inactivity, which gradually decreases the number of visits to it. Also, SEO has its own set of challenges since you are not the only one to promote your product through the website. Besides, interacting with your clients through online pages will consume more time than expected. You will not face these problems with telemarketing strategies.

You can have planned interactions with clients on a scheduled date, and you can convey your promotional messages quickly. Clients need not have to wait for a longer time or waste their time chatting with bots or customer care representatives. You can combine telemarketing with website marketing and draw the attention of clients to your pages, especially when SEO is not working in your favor.

In addition, by providing the calling option on your page, you do not have to bombard all the information on the web page. The telemarketers will take care of the remaining stuff smoothly and more effectively. Try to improve both the methods by combining them.

Telemarketing vs. Banner Advertisements

Banner advertisements rely heavily on websites. It works like a charm for businesses since it gives their brand more exposure online. You can quickly grab the attention of the customers by displaying the right ads in the right places. But you cannot overestimate the power of banner ads because of its few weaknesses. In the B2B space, banner advertisements will not help your business as much as it does in B2C channels.

Most of the banner ads will have interactive contents or mini-games in it. Also, it will not provide you with all the information you need in a single shot. You cannot expect any B2B executives or your customers in the B2B space to spend all their precious time on banner ads.

They always like to know more about the product or services of their interest without consuming much of their time. Moreover, this is where telemarketing comes into play.

Instead of using banner ads with impressive contents that redirects the user to multiple places, you can use a simple banner ad that throws in traditional methods like telemarketing. If your product interests the prospects, they will communicate with you directly through phone calls where you can speak about your brand with no external intervention. In addition, you can schedule the phone calls based on their convenience.

Telemarketing vs. Direct Mail

Although digital technologies and electronic forms of communication makes direct mail look obsolete, it has got its essence when it comes to B2B marketing. DMA’s Response Rate Report proved that direct mail gets more response rate than other forms of digital marketing. Direct mail is less disruptive which B2B leaders most often prefer. Direct mail takes a longer time to reach the audience compared to other marketing strategies.

Besides, the cost of printing a letter and making it look appealing takes more effort. Also, one cannot measure the success of direct mail since there is no way to identify whether the recipient has opened your letter. All these disadvantages give way to electronic or digital forms of communication. Since telemarketing can replace this strategy easily, people usually opt for it. However, the response of direct mail is higher. So, you cannot ignore it completely. Instead, you can integrate both telemarketing and direct mail strategies to see a better result.

You can do so by sending a direct mail after your conversation with the prospects over the phone call, or you can signal them about the arrival of your phone call in your letter. It makes your call sound less disruptive. Also, this approach makes your direct mail looks neater since you do not have to write everything in it. Moreover, it gives scope to telemarketers to speak about their product or services directly to the customers.

Remember the importance of human interaction in your marketing approaches. Although there are hundreds of strategies out there, no method can compete with telemarketing since personal touch is much more worthwhile than others. If you have stopped using this method, give it a try again as it is worth your time and investment.

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