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How To Be A Sales Man or Woman: “Help Me Find A Job”

What to do, where to go and how to be when navigating the competitive world of sales jobs

So, you’re out of a job and looking for work in sales. So are 12.3 million other people.

Worried? You shouldn’t be. These days, there are a number of ways to set yourself apart when seeking a sales job. What sets you apart when looking for sales jobs?

To answer that question, it’s important to understand just who you are and what you offer to the world of sales. To be a salesperson, and a successful one at that, it’s important to have a certain disposition. Anyone who’s ever been in sales can tell you that an ability to manage the stress, uncertainty, and excitement of a sales job are just a few of the qualities which make for a successful salesperson.

Making your living on commission is not easy, but it’s rewarding when you consider that the higher your skill level, the higher your salary. In sales, there’s no hiding behind a desk or pushing paper — you are the frontline representative of your company and you are the one who makes the sale happen. Keeping that in mind, a disposition for sales is not the only component that makes for a successful salesperson.

These days, to set yourself apart from the competition, to get a sales job, and to increase your sales once you have that job, it’s important to get sales training. Whether you’ve been trained in sales through books, formal classes or just real world experience, sales training is an essential, yet often overlooked, ingredient for the success of any salesperson. What many people don’t realize is that sales training can also take the form of certification from the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP).

NASP offers certifications for salespersons of all levels, from salespeople arriving fresh to the marketplace to seasoned veterans looking to tweak their skills and increase their sales. NASP offers free assessments to determine your seller style, or personality, and free membership to the national association.

Wondering where to find a job? It’s all online at Membership gets you access to the free sales jobs board as well as access to classes which have been vetted and approved by top industry professionals and used by the top 1% of sales people. is the official website of the association, and is filled with a myriad of online resources for sales professionals, from sales and marketing training to business sales training. So the next time you find yourself exclaiming, “Help me find a job!,” help yourself find a job, by going online to You’ll be glad you did.


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