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From Employee to Entrepreneur

Creating Success for Herself, One Cup at a Time

Charisma DeZonie
Charisma DeZonie

Driven. Passionate. Caffeinated.

Charisma DeZonie is on a mission to caffeinate the world, and with her home-based business, Organo Gold, she just might do it. DeZonie’s journey to entrepreneurship started with a pink slip. Let go from a steady, stable non-profit job where she had been laboring and advancing her career for ten years, DeZonie suddenly found herself in a bad economy without a job and without a paycheck. But, as DeZonie puts it, getting let go was the first step in “being ready and available for something bigger.” Wanting to leave a legacy and make an impact, when DeZonie was invited by a friend to an Organo Gold sales event at the Marriot Marquis, she had no idea just how much her life was about to change.

Surrounded at the hotel by energetic, personal growth-motivated people who had their own businesses, she realized her destiny was to be in business for herself. Tired of being dependent on employers who determined how much she made, and told her “when [she] could eat [or] go to the bathroom,” DeZonie was ready for something new. She was ready for a more reliable means to grow wealth, and she was ready to make her living from sales. Coming from a long-line of business owners and groundbreaking self-starters in her family where “everyone owned their own business” (her grandfather, Hank DeZonie, was the fourth African-American inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame), DeZonie was “blown away by the energy of the Organo Gold company” and realized that going into business for herself was her “bus stop — [her] station, and what [she] was going to do.”

Her home-based business took off and started paying dividends immediately, and according to DeZonie, it wasn’t just her who experienced success. With a home-based business in sales, DeZonie says, “you’ve got financial leverage in a down market.” Watching others succeed, she’s noticed that having a home-based business like Organo Gold can “make an incredible impact on other people’s lives — people who one day are cutting grass for a living, who are immigrants — have started their own businesses and are now making a half million dollars.” And sales can do that, says DeZonie, who reports that with sales, “you get as much out as you put in.”

Now a successful entrepreneur with Organo Gold, DeZonie’s trajectory has been up, up, up. Her recipe for success? Starting her day with a cup of coffee — Organo Gold, natch — and leveraging the relationships in her life to build her business each and every day. After all, according to DeZonie, “people are my business [and] the fortune is in the follow-up.” DeZonie doesn’t sweat the small stuff; her job as a sales professional and business owner is to “plant seeds…and yes, the birds have eaten some and some have fallen on the concrete, but [as] I stay on my path — some of those seeds will grow.” Her daily plan also includes daily affirmations to keep her on track, as “it’s not your environment that determines what you will become; it’s what you think about yourself and what you’ve chosen to believe that will determine who you will be.”

At the end of the day, who DeZonie is a sales professional ready and eager to create her own future, “knowing that in the end — what I’m doing — will benefit [my children] for their future.” If you are “teachable, coachable and trainable,” says DeZonie, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. And certainly, according to DeZonie, “there will always be naysayers, there will always be doubt — but learn to get beyond that — and the world is your oyster — live it up — live it up!”

Charisma DeZonie is the Owner/Distributor of an international gourmet organic health and wellness franchise company through Organo Gold. She’s found that network marketing has allowed her to not only live her dream, but to work toward a common goal with other team members to achieve that dream. According to DeZonie, “the more I am successful, the more I want to help others be successful.” DeZonie can be reached via her NASP profile, or through her website at

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