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How Using SaaS Software Can Improve User & Product Experience

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We’ve been witnessing an explosion in SaaS technology adoption in the past couple of years. SaaS products are now used everywhere, in every industry and sector. Standing at the forefront of technology, SaaS products can offer businesses everything from cloud storage to professional support to cost-effective research.

What Is SaaS?

SaaS (software as a service) is software that delivers solutions to end-users. So far, the SaaS industry has proven itself in delivering services in sectors such as mobile applications, CRM, performance management, resource planning, HR management, etc.

According to Finances Online, the global SaaS market is predicted to grow to $60.36 billion by 2023. This makes such solutions a must-have option for businesses, something that can help them improve both user and product experience.

But, how can you use it to improve these?

Ways To Use SaaS Software To Improve Product And User Experience

1.      Makes Market Research Easier

Market research is a vital element of a business’s success and yet, many people don’t perform it until it is too late. By doing some market research, you can create the right strategies, set realistic expectations, and make informed decisions. With proper information at your fingertips, you will know how to sell your products by knowing what your target audience wants – and expects of you.

This is a sure-way method of boosting UX.

Luckily, this process no longer has to be time-consuming, expensive, and troublesome. You don’t even have to be experienced in gathering market data for your business. All you need is the right software for market research, tools like Attest to perform research with little effort, and big results.


At this point, Attest is a must-have software for businesses of all sizes. To obtain useful data, you’ll need research surveys and competitor tracking tools. It’s a unique solution that comes in the form of templates you can personalize almost instantly and put into action.

2.      Helps You Get A Better Understanding Of  Your Users

Usability is an excellent method to evaluate how your products sell – and how your users react to them. Maze, the most popular software for performing it defines usability testing as:

“The process of testing your product with real people by getting them to complete a list of tasks while observing and noting their interactions”.


Once you get your product out in the open to be sold, you need to conduct usability tests frequently. Why? Because this type of data can tell you how intuitive and usable your design is, and whether or not it allows users to accomplish their goals.

According to Maze, many teams are relying on moderated 1-on-1 research projects that cost a fortune and span over 120 hours of work. Research is critical, but this type of software allows for rapid testing, one that comes at insanely low costs and yields fast results.

3.      Saves You Money And Time

A lot of a business’s spending can be eliminated – or at least reduced – with the use of proper software. Different SaaS products can result in huge savings for your company. First of all, the SaaS software eliminates upfront costs that companies frequently pay for the installation and purchase of older solutions. There are also funds dedicated to hardware resources and maintenance. SaaS software is easily downloadable, virtually accessible, and maintenance-free.

Next, you need to consider the help that you get from such software products. Take, for example, the two products mentioned above, Attest and Maze. They gather research data with minimal investments on your behalf. If you were to perform the research traditionally, it would cost you a fortune – and take forever. When you’ve finished with the research, you’d have to start all over again – but not with a SaaS solution.

There’s also the savings you’ll make by avoiding endless troubles and issues along the way. Whether it is the data you collected to improve your strategies and eliminate errors, the expenses related to project management, customer support, or more – SaaS products save your company tons of money and time, all whilst keeping your users happy.

4.      Helps The Project Management

In many ways, SaaS software can help you manage your project, your employees, and even your time. Let’s take, for example, products like This tool allows for document collaboration with everyone you wish to include in real-time, leaving no chance of error and maximizing productivity. With it, not only can you share documents back and forth, but you can create workspaces and communicate and collaborate with others in real-time.

Imagine how much time you can save with the help of this tool, how many errors you can eliminate because you’ll keep your documents organized, etc. This should make you look better in the eyes of the users, motivate employees to serve them better, and save you tons of troubles along the way.

Another great tool for project management is Trello. This software is used to create lists, boards, and cards to share with your team. The more efficiently you organize your projects, the better results you’ll see in user experience.

Communication is the main tool for project management. You want everyone included to be aware of your goals, their tasks, and get the information in real-time. Thanks to tools like Slack and Airtable, this is made possible – and easy. In the ‘channels’ or ‘rooms’ available in such software, your team can collaborate, share important data, and have conversations. This should boost not only their productivity but also the results you provide to your users.

5.      Improves Your Content Marketing

From content curation to content marketing, SaaS software can help you a lot in impressing your users. There are tools out there that allow you to become an expert marketer with minimum effort. You can use tools like Google Analytics to analyze the market, turn articles and videos into visual content in seconds, convert text into email newsletters, and more.

Creating amazing content has never been easier. You can easily detect keywords with software like SEMRush, and use tools like InstaCopy for generating content! Read an in-depth InstaCopy Review.

6.      Provides Seamless CRM

Have you heard of Hubspot? At this point, this is the most popular SaaS software for sales and marketing, and a must-have if you want to impress users. This is a CRM – Customer Relationship Management platform ideal for marketing and UX optimization. It provides you with support to:

  •         Conduct successful email campaigns
  •         Target prospects and convert customers
  •         Communicate with your users
  •         Measure the results of your strategies and campaigns

With such SaaS software at your disposal, you’re looking into seamless, inexpensive lead generation and marketing automation. You can automate your emails, create workflows, integrate user profiles, publish the content you have ready, follow up with consumers, and resolve queries on time.

7.      Allows You To Deliver Amazing Customer Support

Microsoft estimates that 54% of users have higher expectations for customer service than they did last year. This sets the bar pretty high and it means that you need to take action to improve as soon as possible.

In 2017, an American Express survey found that more than half of Americans cancel a planned purchase or transaction just because they got bad customer service.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

It means that, unless you provide the best support you can, you’ll be losing many potential leads along the way. Luckily, a lot of this can be prevented by using the right kind of software. Starting with Hubspot which’s ranked highly for its free customer service feature to tools like LiveAgent and Zendesk, you have a plethora of amazing options.

With tools like these, you can optimize and personalize your messages based on your consumers’ behaviors. The tools gather important data that shows companies what the consumers want, what questions they ask, and provide them with instant answers without waiting. It examines the critical areas where customers get stuck, the most important topics they need feedback for and allows you to customize and automate almost everything.

It’s a great way to make sure that your consumers get the right answer at the right time. Waiting too long to get a response or getting vague and unprofessional answers will only push people away from your product and service.

Final Thoughts

With hundreds of high-rated SaaS software solutions on the market, you now have a wide list of choices to help your business – and make your users happy. These are our picks for the must-have SaaS products for any business, but don’t be afraid to explore further. You can find a solution for many of your day-to-day struggles and challenges if you just look closely.

The low costs, easy upgrades, and amazing benefits in terms of resolving problems and making things easier are just part of the reason why businesses go for SaaS. This is the future of marketing, business operations, and smooth work. With the right tools, you can automate many of the tasks, gather helpful insight, and make the experience for your users the best it can be.

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