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NASP Career Center: Exclusive Resource for Sales Jobs

Find Sales Jobs and Fill Sales Positions


NASP Career Center: If you’re looking for the best in the sales industry, welcome home to NASP.

Whether you’re a company looking for sales professionals or a sales professional yourself, you’ve come to the right place. At NASP, we have one of the largest communities of qualified, motivated, certified, and assessed salespeople in the country. NASP has joined forces with JobTarget to provide our members with the perfect match in sales. For job seekers, NASP provides the most up-to-date employer and job seeker opportunities. For employers, NASP provides access to an advanced pool of job seeking sales professionals who are CPSP certified, NASP assessed and top sales performers. The advantage for our employers, recruiters and job seekers is the ability to search and find the right match for them.

At NASP, we understand that organizational culture directly impacts ongoing performance and profitability. Culture can be described in various ways –competitive, social, visionary, cautious, among others — and different types of cultures have their place in different types of businesses. Each culture has unique employee needs that are specific to them. And with NASP’s CultureMatchTM, employers and job seekers can enjoy the benefits of knowing what “type” they are and who their best match might be. With CultureMatchTM, employers and job seekers have the opportunity to find exactly what and who they’re looking for, by having the ability to search along the lines of multiple variables, including experience, CPSP certification level, a sales person’s seller style, location and much, much more. Find what you want and need with NASP!

How it Works for Employers:

  • Your Own Online HR Department – Employers create their own search account with personalized job postings through our NASP Career Center to reach the most qualified sales candidates for their company.
  • Finding a Match – Employers will receive monthly marketing tips, coupons and postings for possible employee candidates from NASP. Employers can view and purchase resumes they are most interested in for an extremely competitive rate.
  • Keeping Records — Through their NASP search account, employers can keep track of the previously purchased resumes posted by jobseekers.

How it Works for Job Seekers:

  • Your Own Profile – You will create a job seeker account on our Career Center to create your own personal search account.
  • Like a Personal Assistant — With job seeker accounts, you don’t have to keep track of everyone you’ve contacted or searched as you move ahead; like a personal assistant, we do that for you. Your personal account keeps track of the previous jobs and companies you have searched or had contact with in the recent past, giving you opportunities to stay in touch with that company for future openings.
  • It’s Customizable – You can have customized job posting alerts sent directly to your email, and can save multiple resumes to your account for the ease of applying to different companies and positions.
  • It’s Educational — While you are preparing your profile, review resume building tricks and tips to help you show you off to your best advantage.


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