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Relationship Based Selling

The way to become a credible advisor

Relationship Based Selling: There is a special type of connection that occurs with great salespeople and their clients. The professionals that can master this skill, or have natural born talent can gain the trust of people within the first few minutes of initial contact and continue to carry this feeling into the close.I like to call this intangible talent “Sales DNA”. If you don’t have it , don’t worry. Development of this skill is possible , however if you do not have a sincere desire to help others, run for the door and find a new career. Sales people that try to sell and are not sincere in their intentions to help others often find they struggle and fail often. Their is a unspoken behaviour between buyer and seller that lays the foundation for trust. This usually occurs in the first few minutes of initial contact. So how do you find this magic bullet? The key is to be sincere and really believe you have a benefit to offer.Over time , you will develop a certain style, occasionally it pays to review your style to see if tweaking here and there may increase your chances of success. The golden rule is people do business with people they “know, like and trust”. It really is that simple.

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