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Sales Cancellation Checklist

Three Follow Up Appointment Strategies for those Chronic Sales Call Cancellations

For those of you direct sales women and entrepreneurs who are unsure of when to change stride with your sales prospecting leads, here are three simple steps to take after the second or third sales cancellation.

  1. Ask sincerely and directly: “Is this a time or scheduling issue or is it lack of interest?”
  2. Give them permission to be honest with you. “I believe it will be beneficial to meet and take a look at what we have, however, if you are not equally committed to this meeting, please tell me.”
  3. Wish well, and release. You deserve to be with those who value your time and respect what you are offering.

Do remember that there are times when the reason for a sales cancellation is valid such as an illness, an emergency, a death in the family and a conflict that cannot be avoided. In this case it is best to be understanding and empathic. This is usually not the case, though, when canceling becomes repetitive or chronic.

My theory is that there are some people that would rather say “yes” and cancel than be direct. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were forced to hear the cold, honest truth?

“My interest is simply too low” or “You have not captured my imagination about how what you offer can make a difference to my life or business.”

Sure, the truth can sting, but the dance around honesty can hurt us in an organizational and monetary context too. After all, time is money!

Consider how every minute you waste setting appointments and hanging onto chronic sales cancellers means you rob yourself of precious time you could spend actually helping customers or other sales prospects, and in turn actually helping your business grow.

Invest in the clients who are worth your investment in time.

Lastly, if you allow them an opportunity to be honest, and they opt out, give them an invitation to return. When prospects see that they can be truthful with you, yet still keep the door open if their needs, wants or situation changes, you thereby preserve the relationship while protecting your own energy.

Stamp out the chronic sales cancellation and continue to build your potential list for direct sales and sales professional opportunities, purposeful sales prospecting and setting follow up appointments.

Value your time, your enthusiasm, and push forward!

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