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The Gratitude List

Years ago I was taught a tool that helps me whenever business or life isn’t going my way. While this is a seemingly simple tool, you shouldn’t underestimate the power in it. You can use it anywhere and at anytime, and it will always work to restore your attitude and your perspective. It has the uncanny power to improve your mood and your outlook. And it always helps you generate the positive results you’re trying to achieve.

Here’s how it works:

Whenever you’re in fear (any kind of fear – financial, emotional, professional, etc.), all you have to do is make a list of 25 things you’re grateful for. I like to use a notebook myself, but I suppose a computer or smart phone would do. The point is to write down 25 things you are grateful for today.

Your gratitude list can contain many different kinds of items. Here are some of the things you may be grateful for:

  • Having a loving family
  • Having a job
  • Making money yesterday or last month
  • Having your health
  • Having access to fresh water
  • Being in a position to help others through your work
  • Going on a vacation or just coming back from one
  • Being able to spend time with your kids
  • Having your kids be healthy
  • Your ability to enjoy a good meal today
  • Your ability to be able to afford a meal today
  • Working for a company that creates or sells a great product that helps so many people
  • Being able to walk without pain
  • Being able to sleep without pain
  • Having a home to go to
  • Having access to all the technology we have
  • Knowing that the NFL finally starts in a month!
  • Having faith in God
  • Being blessed with good friends
  • Living in a country where you can do and become anything you want
  • Having options to completely change your life
  • Having access to great books, CD’s and other material to help you accomplish your
  • Having money in the bank today
  • Being able to read
  • Being free to act, think and do as you please
  • And so many more things. I’m sure you could add some really great things to be grateful for in your life, couldn’t you?

Why it works:

I love writing a gratitude list whenever I’m in fear about business or money. You see, because I’m in sales I sometimes forget that I’m not here for me and for what I can get out of it. Rather, I’m here to offer solutions that help other sales reps and companies do their jobs better and make more money.

When things slow down and I get into fear, I can get self-centered and focus on myself. When that happens things never go well. It becomes hard to make calls and take action when I’m only thinking about myself and what I don’t have.

But as soon as I write a Gratitude List, something magical happens. Suddenly I remember how full my life already is and my perspective changes. In just a few minutes I transform my perspective, and I remember what I’m here for – to add value to your life.

Once I’ve completed my Gratitude List, it’s easy for me to take the actions that generate business and abundance in my life – because now I’m thinking about you and how I can help you. It’s that attitude that gives me the energy to keep prospecting. And it’s that attitude that opens up conversations because people can sense when you’re being genuine and want to help.

Hey, sales – and life – isn’t always going to go your way. But when you can stop and appreciate how incredibly fortunate and blessed you already are, and get restored to what your true purpose is, you’ll find that today it’s easy and even enjoyable to take the actions you need to take to help others accomplish their goals.

And when you can help enough people accomplish their goals, you’ll always exceed yours. So the next time you’re struggling or just not feeling it, do what I do: Write a Gratitude List. You’ll be grateful you did.

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