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Upgrade Your Mental Operating System for Success

Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels

The strongest force in human nature is to stay true to the identity you hold of yourself. Your identity is made up of the beliefs, experiences, values, decisions, and judgments that distinguish who you are and make you unique. Your identity and your self-concept impact not only how you view yourself, but also how you perceive and react to every situation.  


Do you wonder why there aren’t TV shows covering the lives of lottery winners two years after they won the lottery? Because, according to the National Endowment for Financial Education, about 70 percent of people who win a lottery or receive a large financial windfall go bankrupt within a few years. Without consciously establishing an identity as a wealthy individual, the winners experienced unconscious self-sabotage to return to the identity they held of themselves. 


In order to achieve and maintain something new, you have to create the identity of someone who can achieve and maintain that particular goal. There are three ways to change your identity: a significant emotional event, conditioning, and your environment. 


The last year has been very stressful for many people. Globally, we’ve had to deal with quarantining, illness, social and political unrest, death, changes or loss of jobs, and an overall sense of fear and uncertainty. These are significant emotional events that can change the way we think about ourselves, our experiences, and the way we view the world. 


We can choose to be depressed, feel defeated, and become cynical, or we can choose to use this as an opportunity to upgrade our internal operating system to create new habits that will support us in achieving new goals. 


As hard as this year has been, it gives us the perfect opportunity to become someone new, to become someone who can accomplish goals we thought were out of our reach. In order to accomplish something new, you have to be and do new things. You can’t accomplish anything new by being and doing the same things you have always done. That is a futile exercise and one that only adds to your frustration. 


Benah Parker, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Development for NASP, wrote Transforming How The World Thinks and Behaves with the Human Success Operating System™, a white paper describing exactly what every human must go through in order to change and reach new heights of success. 


We are familiar with the need to continually upgrade our technology to maximize the efficiency and power of our devices. What you may not realize is that computers and technology are modeled after the way human brains process information. Just as your computer’s operating system needs to be regularly updated, so too must your brain’s operating system. 


In technological devices, the operating system manages the device’s memory, processes, software, and hardware, and it creates an interface for the user. It allows you to communicate with the device without speaking the device’s digital language. 


As a human, your operating system is made up of your conscious and unconscious mind, your identity, beliefs, habits, decisions, environment, experiences, and most importantly, the meanings you assign to all of these pieces.


You can use the experiences of the past year as an opportunity to reboot, reprogram, and upgrade your brain’s default settings to get new results. The ability to overcome challenges and feelings of uncertainty comes from an internal source. You need an internal motivation to learn from challenges and update your operating system. An internal motivation guides one to go through life acting from one’s own values and in alignment with one’s own beliefs. This provides confidence and certainty that does not depend on anyone or anything outside of oneself.


With the science of the HSOS and our tools, models, and systems, we support our audiences in proactively and intentionally creating the identity, habits, beliefs, environment, experiences, and meaning they need to transform their life, career, mindset, relationships, health, and finances. Instead of needing a Significant Emotional Event to push you to shift your operating system, we use environment and online habit conditioning systems built on the HSOS to revolutionize the way the world thinks and behaves. Visit to learn more about the programs and community that are designed for your success. 

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