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Why YOU Need to be CPSP Certified!

Let’s face facts: You, as a sales professional, are not alone in your job search. There are thousands of other proven sales professionals, all complete with a history of success, that are currently looking to either find a new job or to replace a lost job. That means that when you submit your resume for a sales job, yours will be, in all likelihood, one of many.

Very, very many (pardon the bad grammar!)

To capture the attention of the hiring manager, you need an edge. You need something that distinguishes you from all the other candidates who are applying for the same position. Understand that everyone who applies for whatever position you are applying for, feels that they are the most qualified, most talented and most obvious choice.

What Makes Your Unique?

Ask any professional resume writer what a critical objective of a resume is, and you are certain to hear; “A resume should tell a hiring manager why you are a better choice than any other candidate.”

With that in mind, let me ask you a question: “How does your resume make YOU stand out?”

If you can’t answer that question quickly and confidently, it is safe to say that you need something on your resume that gives you an advantage.

CPSP Certification

How would an accountant demonstrate their commitment to their industry? By earning their CPA. How does a financial planner prove to their potential clients that they are focused to being the best? By earning an industry specific certification.

IT Professionals? Certifications
Project Mangers? Certifications
Trade professionals? Certifications

If earning a professional and recognized certification is the standard for professionals in so many industries, why in the world would those in the wonderful world of sales not want to earn a certification in sales in order to separate themselves from the “wanna be’s?”

The CPSP Difference

The sales industry is unique in that it is one of the very few industries that has truly transferable skills. If you can sell well in one sales job, you probably can sell well in another unrelated sales industry. Earning a “non industry specific” certification demonstrates, along with your past eduction and experience, that you are devoted to sales excellence; not just in one sales job, but in the entire sales industry.

The CPSP Certification is a perfect fit because it is completely non-industry specific. No matter what sales industry you are in or which you are interested in getting into, having the CPSP certification on your resume sends a powerful message to potential employers.

45 Days of Growth and Improvement

The CPSP is not easy and nor should it be. It demands thought, introspection and a dedication to daily activity. The CPSP course creates a “personalized environment” of positive conditioning over 45 days. Each day, you will be expected to spend 15 minutes or so to complete targeted exercises and to record your progress and visions.

Each day, little by little, your sales skills will improve though you may not notice the improvements. You will, however appreciate the improvements when it comes time to either close a sale or during your next job interview!

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