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Why YOU Need to be CPSP Certified!

Let’s face facts: You, as a sales professional, are not alone in your job search. There are thousands of other proven sales professionals, all complete with a history of success, that are currently looking to either find a new job or to replace a lost job. That means that when you submit your resume for […]

The Source of Your Motivation

Motivation is a tricky thing. Some believe that motivation is like a fire that needs to be consistently fed fuel or the fire will die out. Others view motivation as nothing more than a state of mind that is a result of an external event. Still others feel that motivation always a temporary emotion and […]

The Competitive Selling Style

Areas of Potential Improvement Do you love to win? More importantly, do you HATE to lose? When it comes to a sales cycle, are you focused to winning the deal, at times at any cost and refuse to give up even when the odds are stacked highly against you? If you answered a resounding “Yes,” […]

Personal Development in Sales

You’ve heard this expression before (or any of its iterations:) “You can take the boy out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the boy!” So what the heck does that old saying have to do with sales you may ask? Plenty! The Person Behind the Sales Professional There are many […]

Sales Coaching: What You Focus on is What You Experience

I know what you’re thinking: “This is supposed to be an article on sales, not on psychological mumbo-jumo.” But just stay with me for four more sentences and I’ll show you why your focus has a tremendous impact on your sales performance. Sentence One: Let’s say that you are going to spend tomorrow prospecting for […]

Does Sales Certification Matter in Sales?

Take a look at most any IT professional’s business card or email signature and you are quite likely to see a string of letters following their name or title. Those letters represent industry specific certifications that were earned. In the IT world, some employers demand specific certification for certain positions and several positions are only […]

When Enough is Enough

Finding a job can be tough no matter how the general economy may be doing. Finding a good job when the economy is struggling is often times a full-time job, that demands all your resources, talents, patience and networking skills. Despite the actual or anticipated challenges to finding a job, there may come a time […]

Pushing Through Deception

Pushing Through Deception: You know the feeling; You decide to start something new and all you see are limitless possibilities. Your mind races with potential and you are certain that success will be yours. Then you wake up the next day and a sliver of that enthusiasm has waned. Later that same day, you begin […]

Twinkies, 8-Tracks and Hard Closes

Nothing, it is said, lasts forever. Despite popular belief, even a well-packaged Twinkie will not outlast humanity. And recently, the manufacturer of the much-beloved Twinkie, Hostess announced that their doors will soon be closed. 8-tracks, and their obligatory 8-track players, were once the preferred medium for music aficionados, lost their appeal decades ago and have […]

The Best Sales Approach

The Holy Grail. The Meaning of Life. The Fountain of Youth. The Best Sales Approach.   The last item in the line above may not evoke the same levels of passion as the first few, but sales professionals around the world, and throughout all time have all wondered – what sales approach will earn them […]