5 Ideas To Double Your Sales Right Now.

Do you need some fresh ideas for boosting the top line in your business?

If your business is like thousands across North America, then you face unprecedented challenges to growing new sales. Your customers are slow to act. Prospects are afraid to spend money. And your sales team is struggling to get close to hitting the quota you set for them.

So what do you do?

You might be thinking that you should just "wait it out". But that just isn't always possible. And it could cost you your business.

More revenue (doubling your revenue, in fact) is not only possible, you can do it right now. Here are a few ideas for you:

  1. Double the price for your services -- Take what you charge, double that number, and then act like it. When you put a higher price tag on what you do, you automatically change the level of service that you deliver. You can't help but deliver better service and treat each prospect like a king. You will lose some cu stomers in the process. Mark that. But, the level of revenue you create will be exponentially higher. And your customers will be the type who can spend more money with you, should you deserve it, down the road.
  2. Double the number of marketing messages you send -- Let's face it, sometimes being out in front gets you noticed and reminds those in your industry that they need to spend some more money with you. And, if you do your messaging right, you'll be the guy they spend money with. The reality is that you can't just send an offer or an idea one time and expect it to stick. You have to keep reminding consumers of your value. When you do, they buy. And they buy more than you thought possible.
  3. Double the number of leads you cultivate -- Start digging around for new people to do business with. And start digging before you run out of customers. Make a conscious effort to capture and qualify more leads for your business. Use smart tools that help you build quality content and track the activity of web viewers coming to your website. Reach out to those people in smart and and witty ways. Don't just ask people to buy from you. Make friendships. And deliver help and hope. Those friends will spend a lot of money for you.
  4. Double your sales team -- Get more boots on the ground. Find better and more representatives to push your product into new locations and modalities. Don't just hire more people. Hire better individuals. And pay for results. Instead of doubling your payroll (which could be crippling), be creative about how to build this team. Underpay on salary and overpay on commissions. The people you attract will be hungry and driven to deliver results. Now is a better time than ever to find people looking for work.
  5. Double the number of partners and alliances you have -- One of the best ways to drive new revenue is to find other people who need more revenue for themselves. The right partners will push your product just as hard as you do. They will use it as an "add on" to the core products that they already deliver. Research likely partners and then reach out to them with some ideas how they can significantly grow their revenue by delivering value that their customers already want. It works. And it can more than double your revenue.
It's not easy to double your sales. It's not something that you can "luck out" or "hope to happen". You need to make a decision to try (one or all of theses ideas) and then be deliberate about pushing through the tough times. All of them work. And none of them work. It just depends on how hard you work.

If you're ready to work, each of these ideas will get you pointed in the right direction.
Dan Waldschmidt
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Dan started his first business at age 12 mowing lawns and turned it into a money-making machine that paid his way through college. While studying theology at seminary, he sold cemetery plots and life insurance. Then he took his unconventional ideas about business to two vastly different companies (think plumbing and professional services), helped each achieve massive sales growth and became a CEO at the ripe old age of 25.

Today, Dan is President of Waldschmidt Partners International. As a business strategist, he solves complex problems and delivers big results for organizations all over the world. Dan refuses to accept business as usual -- he asks the tough questions and speaks the uncomfortable truths that no one else is willing to touch. He shares his radical philosophies for business domination in his daily blog, EDGY Conversations, which Dow Jones calls one of the top business spots on the web.

Dan lives and loves big. He runs ultra-marathons and recently attempted to break the world record for the most miles run in 24 hours. He and his amazing wife are busy teaching the next generation of Waldschmidts (two sons and a daughter) how to be extraordinary. When he's not with his family or having EDGY conversations with executives, magazine editors or TV/radio producers, you'll find him running the streets of Greenville, SC.
  • /_ckcommon/images/blanks/userPicture.jpgDaniel Alvarado5/3/2013 12:11:20 PM
    Hi Dan,
    I liked your article. Just a comment: another way I would recommend is by 1) improving lead generation conversion rates (maybe 50%-100%), plus, 2) improving sales agents performance (identify who is below the team´s average kpis i.e calls, minutes, inbounds, etc) and 3) improving closing sale conversion rate (use call recordings to coach).

  • /data/userPictures/B84D4586-BEEE-437C-ADE0-D3FBFEE77161.jpgGeorge Martinez3/23/2017 2:25:27 AM
    I like the way to talk like a big brother who was asked to give advise. You provided straight forward advice that's workable... by a serious entrepreneur in need.

  • /data/userPictures/31F9ABFB-F0F4-4F40-AF99-B65D3C5789A9.jpgArif Jawed, Sr4/12/2019 2:51:01 PM
    Very impressive strategies shared, thanks

  • /data/userPictures/CB499905-5058-49DA-A6B1-765C9283F1D4.jpgMeshell Baker7/25/2019 12:11:15 AM
    Double Down Dan I LOVE it!!