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3 Reasons Why Better Sales Skills Aren’t Helping You Sell More.

Knowing more doesn’t make you more. Let’s face it, your obsession with learning every new sales tactics isn’t getting you that far. If you are like just about everyone else in business, it’s something you’ve been thinking about for some time now. You are frustrated, angry, and confused about this idea of learning to build […]

5 Ideas To Double Your Sales Right Now.

Do you need some fresh ideas for boosting the top line in your business? If your business is like thousands across North America, then you face unprecedented challenges to growing new sales. Your customers are slow to act. Prospects are afraid to spend money. And your sales team is struggling to get close to hitting […]

Trying Is the Only Option You Have.

Trying” gets a bad rap. Unfairly so. You can’t venture far into a motivational or business seminar and not hear some reference to Yoda’s : “Do. Or do not. There is no try” thoughts on the subject of getting things done. After the audience titters and you stop squirming uncomfortably in your seat, the speaker […]

How To Avoid The Stupidness Your Brain Makes You Do.

“Don’t Make That Call…” Slow down and think. What you think you see is just the craziness in your head making you panic. And panic makes you stupid. You do things you’ll regret later. You break relationships and burn bridges. All because you panicked. It happens to everyone at some point. The unexpected happens and […]

Being Thick Skinned Is For Chumps.

There’s no glory in learning how to “take criticism.” Despite what you have probably been told about needing a grow a “thick skin”, there is something magically inspired about taking life deeply personally. About getting offended, hurt, angry, and even. You don’t have to find the positive in everything others say to you. Sometimes there […]

You Don’t Need Permission To Be Awesome

Sometimes you just need to go do something awesome. You need to burn the ships. Puff your chest out against an angry enemy. You don’t need an excuse, an explanation, or permission. You just need to go do it. If you’re waiting on a spreadsheet to make the case for you, or logic or peer […]

The One Conversation That Could Solve Your Worst Business Nightmare.

It all started with an email. Around 7 p.m. on a Thursday evening, the CEO of one of my companies sent me an email asking me to take a look at some correspondence he had received from one of our largest technology providers. As I begin to read the email chain, I could feel my […]

Maybe It’s Time To Be Clueless Again.

Maybe It’s Time To Be Clueless Again: Remember when you used to think anything was possible? Remember when you thought you were special? That you were going to beat the odds. Remember when you “knew” you were going to be the one to make it? That was before you knew better. Before you heard on […]

6 Timelessly Brilliant Business Strategies That Don’t Make Sense.

How Ordinary People Achieve Outrageous Success Some of the most important business lessons just don’t seem to make sense. Despite all of our sophistication and advanced thinking over the last few decades, there are a few timeless business lessons that defy logic. At face value your gut instinct tells you that you’re getting conned. Upon […]