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The Secret to Selling to C-Level Executives

Build Rapport Instantly Many sales professionals have no idea how to talk to a C-Level executive. In fact, many won’t even attempt to set an appointment with a CEO. C-Level executives are just like everyone else; you must meet their emotional needs before they are going to want to do business with you. People buy […]

5 Interview Questions Every Salesperson Must Know

How To Prepare For Your Interview These questions are commonly asked during the interview process. Preparing for these questions and recognizing how to communicate your answers in a fashion that aligns with the person asking the questions will set you up for ultimate success. 1. Tell me about yourself? Focus on qualities such as strengths […]

2 of 5 Sales Tips

Tip #1 – Know your customer! You can never know too much about your prospects, customers, or clients. It’s important that you do your research regularly when it comes to your prospect or customer: 1. Research all public information about the company, industry, client base and/or individual. 2. Research your competition and how you counter […]