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10 Easy Techniques to Increase Your Sales

Sales can be one of the scary things that you as a business owner HAVE to do. It comes from our own conceptions of sales and what that means and what it looks like. Do you picture the used car sales person? Or the door to door sales person? Do you realize that some of the highest paid people in the world are effective sales people? Can your business survive if you or someone on your staff does not master this skill? Sales is typically an essential skill that must be mastered in order to be successful.

These easy to learn techniques will assist you in mastering the sales person role within your company, and perhaps even like it!!

  1. Enthusiasm: demonstrate your enthusiasm whenever you are in front of a prospect. Show your enthusiasm for your business, your product, your service and that in turn translates into confidence. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you are compelling enough in your enthusiasm, your prospect will be caught up in the enthusiastic energy. Authenticity here is vital. Fake enthusiasm will only hurt you. Be real.
  2. Closing: Whenever you are writing ad copy, sales letters always end with a strong call to action and closing. If you advertise and there is NO call to action then the ad or letter is static. You want to tell people what to do next – register here for this free report; call by: (a certain date) to receive a (specify an amount) percent discount, etc. The call to action needs to compel the prospect to take action quickly.
  3. Friendly/Pleasing Customer Service: Take care of your customers, especially the ones that aren’t happy. Refund money easily, honor guarantees, make returns simple, solve their problems quickly, give them a free gift. Think customers and think future. When you please a dissatisfied customer you have created Good Karma. It comes back to you!! Because when a dissatisfied customer is taken care of they talk about it and that comes back to you!!
  4. Create Excitement: When your customers get excited about your business, they will tell their friends. Be creative: Give them a free vacation certificate, a coupon, etc.
  5. Increase Confidence: Use testimonials and endorsements, strong guarantees and back them up with service to increase the confidence that your prospects have. This increased confidence results in increased orders.
  6. Build a Strong List: They say that the money is in the list. That is only true if the list is truly a strong opt-in list. Don’t just build a list for numbers, build a list for qualifications. The more qualified your list, the stronger they are as prospects. Build your opt-in list by allowing your visitors to sign up for a free e-zine, e-books, software, contests, sweepstakes, etc.
  7. Be Unique: Don’t make the same offer that everyone else is making. People are on overload. Give your prospects or customers a breath of fresh air. Be unique and compelling in your presentations. It is ok to have a different look on your website and to use web copy that really speaks to people.
  8. mmediate Follow-Up: If you are using a web opt-in list on your site give your customers the opportunity to buy your product right away on the “Thank You” page. If they have signed up for something that you ship, include coupons, information about your business and any bonuses right away.
  9. Be an Expert: Through your information you are able to show your prospects that you are an expert, because authority can persuade people to buy. To build your credibility and expertise you can publish articles, submit press releases, publish e-books. Etc. People are more likely to buy from someone they connect with and feel is an expert.
  10. Be authentic: when you are building a relationship with a prospect or your customers you have to be real, authentic and honest. People are not going to do business with people they feel are taking advantage of them, or are dishonest in anyway. As you work to build relationships, each offer, each product, discount, coupon should be given in the most sincere way possible. Sincerity is authentic. Don’t risk losing people because they feel you are not someone they would want to do business with.

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