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All Ya Need Is Attitude And Ownership To Have Selling Success

Sam an old experienced sales professional strained to listen as two of the stores younger salesmen stood at the other end of the room talking loudly about how bad business was and how sick and tired they were with the customers. As he walked across the floor to better hear what they were saying he heard one say to the other. “I am sick and tired of always putting up with the customers problems and having to go out of my way to satisfy them. Sam, chucked to himself and thought, “Will they be around long enough to discover those are the customers you make the most amount of money from?”

There are two skills that separate successful sales professionals and businesses from all the others. They are a great attitude, and taking ownership of the customer’s problems, needs and wants.

Without these two, you don’t have much of a chance of passing mediocrity. With these two, you can become a top sales producer and owner in your industry.

Attitude of course is how you feel about helping your customer solve their problems, need and wants. We all know the # 1 rule in selling, “The one who solves the customer’s problems’ needs and wants the easiest for them will get the sale.” I like to call my attitude towards my customers, “The Mighty Mouse Attitude” Mighty Mouse, a super hero of the 50’s-60’s was a problem solver. He solved the problems of the good people against the villains. I can picture it now. The heroine tied to the rail road tracks by the villain with the train speeding towards her. All of a sudden Mighty Mouse swoops down to save her. While singing, “Here I come to save the day.”

The top producing sales professionals and businesses save the day for their customers. They have the Mighty Mouse attitude of ‘Here I come to save the day’ no matter what the problem, need or want may be.

I do not think it is any coincidence that the sales professionals and businesses that have the Mighty Mouse Attitude also are the ones that take complete ownership of the customer’s problems. They are the ones that really believe the customer is always right. To take ownership of a customer’s problem all you have to do is believe it is really your problem. Solve it like you would want it solved for you.

You must go one more step. It is not good enough to be a Mighty Mouse and take ownership of your customer’s problems, you must also give the customer the proper perception. The perception that you are their Mighty Mouse and taking ownership of their problem.

One way to give them the proper perception is by never saying things that give them the opposite perception.

  • Never say to a customer: “I Don’t know.” Instead say. “That’s a good question. Let me check and find out.”
  • Never say to a customer: “Just a second.” Instead say. “It may take me a few minutes to get that information. Are you able to wait while I check or shall I get back with you.”
  • Never say to a customer: “NO” Eliminate “NO” from your vocabulary. When you say ‘NO’ you give the customer permission and the idea to say “NO” to you.
  • Never say to a customer: “We can’t do that.” Instead say, “That is tough one. “Let me see what I can do.” Then come back with choices for them to choose from that you can do.
  • Never say to a customer: “You will have to….”Instead say, “What we need to do…”

Another way to show the customer you are their Mighty Mouse and that you take ownership of their problems, needs and wants is to always deliver more than the customer expects and more than you promised.

The old saying ‘Selling is Simple, it is just not Easy’ is true. You can make it a lot easier if you have the right attitude and take ownership of the customers problems, needs and wants.

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