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Be More Flexible In Your Events Telemarketing

In business, nothing stays steady. Markets change, customer tastes evolve, and the kind of products and services that you can offer also changes over time. The same is true when organizing special events in Australia, like forums and trade fairs. These occasions require competent management and coordination between the organizers and the promoters.

That is where your events telemarketing skills come into play. Let us face it. Social media and email are not enough to grab your B2B leads prospect’s attention. If you want to get more positive results, a little flexibility would be necessary. As for how you can be flexible, the following tips would be very useful:

  1. Make your meetings shorter — yes, you want to know what your B2B lead generation team is doing, so meeting with them is necessary. It is when you spend too much time talking to them that reduces productivity, ruin everyone’s pacing, as well as waste a good part of your own time.
  2. Be brief on the presentation — if, for example, you are in a meeting with your business prospects, you have to remember that they also value their time highly. Use presentations only to emphasize your point or illustrate an idea, but do not linger too much about it.
  3. No constant overtime — you think you can get more work done when you stay working longer? Think again. Not only will this tire you, it will also stress you out and reduce productivity.
  4. Reduce the metrics — yes, you need to measure the success of your B2B appointment setting efforts, but if you use too many metrics to measure your success, then you are overloading yourself with too many useless metrics. Stick to three essential metrics, and you will be fine.
  5. Just do it — it is good that you have assigned tasks to your team and that you have goals in place, but that is just the start. A truly successful events telemarketing campaign is one that actually does the hard work.
  6. No information overload — your employees need to know what they have to do, but providing them with too much information is unnecessary. Give them only what they need. If they have any problems or concerns, just let them ask you again.
  7. Stop worrying about sunk costs — sunk costs are sunk, basically. There is really no reason for you to fret over them. If a current process does not seem to work, change it immediately. You can recoup your expenses once you succeed in your marketing efforts.
  8. Learn from the failures — you have to admit that failures hurt, but not learning from these gaffes can hurt your business even more. There is so much to learn from the failures of your campaign, and it is for the betterment of your company if you take them to heart.

Flexibility is essential for a successful events telemarketing campaign in Australia. And if you can follow the above-mentioned tips, then being nimble in the market will be easier for you.

Yes, you can be more productive in your B2B lead generation campaigns. You just have to know how to handle you daily tasks and manage yourself better. That is the truth.

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