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Is Multitasking Bad For Lead Generation?

Yes, we all need to bring out the most out of our work day. Given the frenzy in which the business world moves, doing things fast becomes natural for us. Among the things we commonly do is performing all the tasks at hand at the same time. While this might sound like a good idea, in terms of its effectiveness, it really does not amount to anything at all. What more when the task is business lead generation is involved? If you want to be sure to get really qualified B2B sales leads, you need to be able to concentrate on your work. Unfortunately, that is the one thing that you will not be able to get when you multitask. But what is so bad with doing more than two things at the same time? If it is bad, then why do a lot of people still do it?

To start with, we need to understand what multi-tasking is all about. People who perform two or more distinct tasks at the same time are considered multi-tasking. For example, in a telemarketing environment, we see people who talk, listen, and type notes during a single call. In terms of getting work done, handling multiple tasks at the same time is a necessity. But while we see this as a way to finish our work faster, experience will tell us that this will actually affect our productivity and quality of work. This is especially true if we are focusing on tasks that are too distinct, or unrelated to each other. Research has shown that multitasking will not just pull our productivity rates down; it will also slow down our mental capabilities. That is something that we should be avoiding, especially if we are involved with appointment setting. That requires our immediate attention and focus.

Now, it is a fact that we must do a lot of work. But if doing all at the same time will not cut it, then how will we handle the task? The solution is actually simpler: just do things one at a time. Believe it or not, but doing your work, focusing on only one task at hand, will actually help you get the job done faster. Yes, in business lead generation it requires that we do a lot of things in a given time frame, but if we take a step back and look at things in a different light, you will realize that quality suffers in the end. So take it easy, focus only on one step at one time. You can still get your job done at the end of the day. Or, if the work is really that hard, then why not outsource the work?

Outsourcing, especially when used to support your lead generation appointment setting campaign, as well as augment your current marketing campaign, can be very useful in getting you the results you need to succeed in lead generation. This is a very important business investment, so that you can concentrate more on what is important to you: your core business.

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