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Limitless Energy

Belief Part 4

Limitless Energy, Focus and Power


Finally! The Piece de Resistance! The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! The easiest yet most overlooked secret to gaining LIMITLESS Energy, Focus and Power!!!

The missing link to 100% limitless energy, focus and power is within your grasp! You are the English Channel swimmer on the final leg of the 10-mile swim not knowing you are only 1/10 of a mile away from your destiny and the gold medal. Why do you not know this? The thickest fog imaginable just descended upon you. You cannot see, you are disoriented, you are exhausted. You have done everything right in training for this event, you stayed focused, you fed your mind and your body on a consistent basis, you trained your skill to the best of your ability. You have nothing left but…


Nothing left but, belief.


And if you had nothing else- no training, no studying, no proper skill- you can still summon belief. Even the tiniest mustard seed of belief can literally power you to your desired goal. Do you believe it? Just ask any blue chip company who has stood the test of time with their single most consistent focus ( even after several bankruptcies and failures) pointed solely on… Belief! Ask Walt Disney what kept him going after major cash flow losses and bankruptcies. Belief! Ask the Beatles who were turned down by a recording company saying, “We don’t like their sound and guitar music is on the way out”. I wonder if that is what inspired John Lennon’s 1971 hit, Imagine?
It has been proven over and over again:

What we focus on we find
What we focus on grows.
What we focus on seems real.
What we focus on we become.

What we focus on we literally do Believe.

I don’t care what game you play, chess, basketball, sales or twister- if it comes down to a match of two highly skilled opponents, the one with the greatest belief in their desired goal wins! This fact is not to be taken lightly.

Belief can show up on anyone’s aura in any number of recognizable physiologies; confidence, cool-headedness, extreme focus, swagger, leadership and the ever-elusive IT factor. When an individual, a company or a nation places their sites on a single, positive belief in a focused manner, providence moves to aid you in ways you simply could only imagine.

How does one create a belief? First, start with a gut check. I mean it. What do you feel in your very core that brings this belief to the light? What is the purpose behind anything you do? Find it. Let it excite you. Let it fill you up. Write about it like company’s do their mission and vision statements. Make this belief your mantra. Set it to song, set it to dance. Let it completely envelope you. Believe it and own it. See yourself accomplishing in your mind what you are about to accomplish in reality. See it over and over again. Let your mind and your body experience the sensation of imagination.

Know that thoughts are things. What you are taking the time to create in your mind is a future manifestation of those thoughts. All you need to do is the mind work up front. Believe in what hasn’t happened yet. Trust that it will happen. You are making it so with every moment you spend imagining it.

And when you come down to that final 1/10 of a mile and you are exhausted and drained and all looks lost… there is still belief. That belief is the energy and power and focus that overrides your conscious mind and lets your unconscious take over. That belief puts you in the zone and guides you to the GOLD!

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