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The best of all

Referrals: I must say thanks to all of NASP members for taking there precious time out to give me the privilege to place an article,however this his my first time, also i must give many thank to my present employer who take time out for his employee in many diffrent ways. especially in sales and services .I was reading a topic from NASP contribution it stated would you be where you are today if it were not for other befor you ? . I stop and search my self the answer is NO, so iam giving credit to my present Employer, the world of Boss,for his coaching /training , when i first start working in sales department i was my dream came through ,meeting different people was fun for me ,lets get down to business .The first time when i start on my jurney trying to find my prospect client, i do treat him /her with respect commitment love dedication of my services, which i still keep with me ,day,after dats i have been getting call from allover the island that John /Mary has refer me , it warms my hart to now that the first client appreciate the service so Referrals is one of our mane source of advertise in any business

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