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Sales advice – how do you beat the gatekeeper

Beat the Gatekeeper: My name is Jenna Brandon and I work as a content writer, copywriter, and digital marketer at I have over 4 years of experience in online marketing and business writing.

how do you beat the gatekeeper: I am writing to inquire if you offer guest post opportunities for writers who are passionate about the topics you discuss on your website and are willing to contribute.

I have come up with several article ideas for you to consider, but I also welcome your suggestions and feedbacks.
1) How Did i Improve my Productivity up to 300%? [Case Study]
2) How did I come up with the business name? (Case Study)
3) Sales advice – how do you beat the gatekeeper [From My Own Experience]
4) How to avoid dirty business tactics in 2019.
5) 5 Things you need to quickly learn about blockchain in ecommerce.

Here’s where you can find my previous works (in case you’d like to check if my writing style is a good fit for your blog):

The 10 Best Tools for Measuring Content Marketing ROI – Hubstaff

How to Produce Affordable Content Without Sacrificing Quality – Ninjaoutreach

Content Marketing vs Traditional Product Marketing: Clash of the Titans – Socialmediamarketo

I would be delighted to write for you on a regular basis as well (in case you are interested in long-term collaboration).

As a guest writer, I would appreciate a chance to include a short bio at the bottom of the page with a link to the website of a company I work at. I do not expect any other reward.

My short bio:
Jenna Brandon is a blogger, content creator, and digital marketer at she’s not busy writing or studying the latest marketing trends, she cooks pizza or goes hiking with her friends. Jenna is also an avid traveler, and she is secretly Italian at heart.

Thank you for reading this email till the very end!:)
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Jenna Brandon

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