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The 3 Meanings of “Send Me an Email” objection

Here’s a fact?–?we rarely say what we actually think, especially to a stranger on the phone. And there are many reasons for that. Very often we simply don’t even know how we feel about one thing or the other but make up an opinion regardless, because we’re expected to have one. Or because it will help get the salesman off the phone.

Same goes with objections. If your goal is to book a meeting with a prospect and he/she gives you a “send me an email and we’ll take it from there” type of a response, to overcome the objection and have your prospect comply, first and foremost you need to know what the prospect really is saying.

1. Value. Send me an email = “I don’t see any value in it” aka “I don’t understand what you want” aka “Don’t understand your product”.

You’ll always react with an urgency when offered something indeed relevant e.g. a bottle of ice-cold water in the middle of a 50°C hot desert with and a 3 hour walk to the nearest town. How much would you pay for that water? Bet you wouldn’t even ask about the price before handing in your whole wallet, would you!

2. Trust. Send me an email = “I don’t trust you” aka “there must be a catch” aka “something just doesn’t add up”

A lot of young sales people inquire about this one?–?How do we get one’s trust? And for a good reason: no prospect, 0 exception, will comply without having a positive gut feeling about you.

When a having a conversation, ever notice how rather easily and quickly you agree with someone you like, opposed to someone you don’t? And notice how what you agreed on rarely has anything to do with the reason you like or dislike them? That shows just how important gaining one’s trust/sympathy is to have them comply.

3. Email Person. Send me an email = “Having trouble to focus, would be easier to read” aka “I’m feeling so uncomfortable right now speaking on the phone to a stranger”

We all have a favorite way of absorbing new information. I remember when I was in school, no matter how good the teacher, I had to read the chapter in order to understand and memorize the class. Just like today, some of us prefer getting the news on the radio while others through a newspaper or magazine. Some prefer audio books, some like the kindle, and there are many people who do YouTube. No matter how great your pitch and regardless the value you bring to the table, very often you will meet people who simply “need to read it first” for their brain to engage.

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