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Ultimate Guide to Making Your Offering Irresistible to Prospects

Have you ever watched a 2AM infomercial? I am the type of person that cannot watch infomercials without buying. They always take me through the same process:

  1. Identify a problem that frustrates me.
  2. Present an innovative solution.
  3. Pile on value to make the purchase a no-brainer.

By the end of this process, I can’t help but pick up that phone. I would be a ‘fool’ not to, right?

Infomercials have this process down to a science.

To be clear, I am not suggesting that you make your sales meetings like infomercials, but the process is worth replicating. Here is the basic process:

  1. Identify exactly where the prospect is hurting.
  2. Present your innovative solution.
  3. Pile on value to make the purchase a no-brainer.

Today, I want to focus on the third step of the process…”Pile on value to make the purchase a no-brainer”

What are add-ons that you can include with your sale to make purchase a no-brainer to your prospect?

For example, one of my clients develops websites for mid-sized companies. When she came to my sales training program in Boston, I challenged her to pile on so much value that her higher price was the logical solution. She began including in her solution the following:

  • Ongoing site maintenance
  • Complimentary updates for a full year
  • SEO consulting

You will notice that many of these add-ons she already provided, and they led to no additional costs to her, but they had a high perceived value, and justified higher prices.

So, how can you pile on more value in your sales to make a customer’s purchase a total no-brainer? Please share below–I’d love your feedback.

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