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Understand Archetypes To Close Every Time

An Archetype is a model, prototype, or pattern of thought, an example of a certain type of person or thing we recognize in our culture. When Swiss psychotherapist Carl Jung coined the term, he used it to refer to the recurring patterns of behavior and communication that are found in universal stories and the inner roadmap of understanding which guides all human beings.


As a communication tool, archetypes provide power in select circumstances and can be conjured through your imagination to be acted out. Successful sales professionals know how and when to use a few key archetypes to help communicate more effectively and intentionally with their audience. 


The four archetypes below – Lover, Warrior, Magician, and Sovereign – can provide you with a roadmap to guide your communication toward your desired outcomes in every interaction. Read more about each of these archetypes to learn the impact each one has on your communication and ability to close a sale!


The Lover

When you communicate as a strong Lover, you are an expert at human connection. Everyone wants to feel special and loved, and your ultimate power as the Lover is that you sincerely care about people. People like you because they feel that you are a real person who can understand their particular needs, desires, and fears. People trust you because they can see that you are just like them. 


The Warrior

When a Warrior speaks, people have confidence that what they are hearing is true.

When you communicate as a strong Warrior, you tell people what they need to hear, even if it means losing rapport in the moment. Because your audience knows intuitively that you are acting for their greatest good, they will end up thanking you for your honesty and courage.


The strong Warrior gets things done. You compel people to move now by using your conviction to cultivate urgency. You are an expert at getting people associated with the consequences of not taking immediate action. 


The Magician

When you communicate as a strong Magician, you help people discover a new, intelligent way of having what they want. Your greatest tool is your imagination. You thrive on helping people reach the next stage of their growth by applying logic and reasoning combined with imagination. You create fascination as you mesmerize people with your eyes, voice, physiology, and energy.


People are moved by your charisma as the Magician, and by your promise of possibility. To the Magicianthere is always a way to accomplish any task; solutions are as limitless as your imagination. 


The Sovereign

When you communicate as a strong Sovereign, you are driven by the expectation that your vision will be realized and by your desire to leave a legacy of great impact. Because you are entirely focused on your vision, you are unaffected by circumstances or events outside of yourself. You are ultimately comfortable with who you are, never feeling the need to impress anyone. You want others to be a part of your vision because you recognize the inherent value in every person; you know that everyone has something to contribute. 



Utilizing these archetypes in your communication with prospects can result in reliable and effective sales conversations. To learn more about how and when to embody and implement these archetypes – and how to avoid the pitfalls of weak versions of these archetypes – visit and join us in the CPSP or CPSL certification programs!

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