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What Are You Worth?

The other day I saw an interview with T. Harv Eker, author of the best selling book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.” He said something that I thought was amazing. He said that he could speak with anyone for 10 minutes, and in that time he could predict their entire financial future. When I heard this, I thought about all the sales reps I have worked with in my 27 year career, and I immediately realized how true this is.

I’ve always thought that sales reps have an invisible dollar sign $ above their heads with a number that represents how much money they think they are worth. It is this financial image that determines how they perform more than any other single factor. It’s more important than what the economy is doing, or how their leads are, or what their territory is like or anything else.

This financial self-worth image is so reliable that I used to rely on it to predict a sales rep’s future performance. When I used to hire and mange sales reps I only had to ask them one question if I wanted to get an accurate idea of how they would do working for me. And that question was, “How much money did you earn at your last job?” Chances were 90% that they would do the same at their new job as well.

While 90% of sales reps tend to remain stuck working within and producing up to (or more likely down to) their invisible dollar sign, the good news is that about 10% of sales reps find ways to raise the number that follows their dollar sign, and they are able to earn a lot more money and enjoy the perks and benefits that come from their increased success. They have found the secret to all top performance and it’s very different than how most people go about making changes and achieving different results.

You see, the key to making more money and easily sustaining this performance, is to first change the number that follows the dollar sign above your head. In other words, until you change your financial self-worth image, any changes you’re able to force yourself to make to please your new sales manager or spouse, or whomever else, will be temporary, and soon you’ll go right back to producing down to your old dollar sign.

If you want changes in your performance to be permanent, you have to make the changes in your consciousness first. There are many ways to do this and some of the best methods include setting realistic goals and writing affirmation cards that reinforce what it feels like to have already achieved those goals. The key with this is to pick goals that you can actually believe in because if they are too high, your subconscious mind will reject them before you even start.

Just remember the real secret to life – whatever you hold in your consciousness will always find a way to manifest itself in your life. So if you want to change what you’re worth, then you first have to change what you think you’re worth. And you can begin changing that today!

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