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Why I love Angry Prospects?

Have you ever had a cranky prospect that is skeptical of everything you say at first? It might look something like this:

Phone: “Ring Ring”

Prospect: “Yeah.”

Sales person: “Hi John, this is Jane Johnson, how are you today?”

Prospect: “Been better, what do you want?”

This scenario would make most sales people uncomfortable, but I love it. Am I crazy? Maybe, I mean I have made a living as a motivational speaker, but in most cases, I’m not crazy.

Angry prospects are direct and don’t sugar-coat anything. With the right approach, they can be brought out of their shells quite easily. On the other hand, the prospect that is all positive and pouring on compliments scares me. The overly positive prospect is almost always out to get something–free information, ideas or consulting. And I am not in the free consulting business. Like any sales person, my sales motivation goes way down when I don’t get paid. So watch out for the overly positive prospect.

On the other hand, discover that new appreciation for the angry or cranky prospect. Don’t let their abruptness phase you. Rather, be unemotional and meet them at their level. If the prospect is loud and tough, then become loud and tough. The prospect will immediately appreciate that tone. Remember that prospects like themselves more than they like you, so be more like them.

As a motivational speaker in Boston, I am on a mission to help sales people appreciate and sell more to angry prospects. I will take the angry prospect any day over the overly positive prospect.

How do you deal with angry prospects? Please share below.

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