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Whose Account Is It Anyway?

Why you need to implement a key account management program. More often than not, multiple sales people have been selling different product lines into an account deemed critical. When this account, and others like it, are selected to be part of a key account program, the controversial question of account ownership surfaces. Because of the […]

Why A Key Account Manager Will Outperform a Traditional Salesperson

A few decades ago, the role of the salesperson was viewed as superior to the role of an account manager. The salesperson was viewed as “the hunter” and the account manager as “the farmer”. Hunting was the more intense and demanding role. Farming was seen as a low key endeavor, which primarily focused on re-actively […]

Caveat Venditor — Let the Seller Beware

For centuries, buyers have been wary of sellers. However, something has changed in the last few decades. In every industry, power is shifting from sellers to buyers. This is partly due, among other factors, to buyers having superior access to information, more choice due to globalization and access to improved technology. In this new world, […]

3 Keys to Effective Persuasion

To be clear, goals spring from needs and needs are experienced on three levels: 1. Biological goals As a direct result of our biology, we experience the need for food and shelter, among other things. As we age, new biological needs surface and these needs are often influenced by our gender. These needs translate into […]

The Customer Is NOT Always Right!

Not Every Customer Is Right For Your Business Around two decades ago, it became popular to train employees that the customer is always right. This mantra helped to swing the pendulum from supplier dominance to customer dominance. Unfortunately, the pendulum has swung too far. While the sentiment is still true, we must now define the […]

Sales Hasn’t Changed. It’s Disappearing!

Traditional Sales Will Disappear I entered “sales has changed” into Google and got 1.29 billion hits in 0.23 seconds. (Yes! Billion not million.) Confronting me was a sea of experts sharing their perspective on how we’ve moved from Sales 1.0 to Sales 2.0, and how sales has changed more in the last 10 years than […]

Winner Takes All

An emerging purchasing trend, which is as troubling as it is exciting, is the effort by large companies to reduce the number of their suppliers. These organizations have specialists who analyze all expenditures to find areas where they can reduce costs. There is an administrative cost associated with doing business with each supplier. This includes, […]