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Three Ways to Help New Sales Hires Ramp Faster

Ramping new sales hires quickly is one of the most important things a sales manager can do. It’s also frequently overlooked as managers get pulled into activities more directly related to making the number for the month or the quarter. When it comes to saving the quarter or saving the new hire, most managers will […]

Four Life Hacks That Make Sales People More Productive

There are a lot of ways people can improve sales effectiveness, from new sales playbooks to better funnel management. Some things are just simple small changes that have an outsized impact on results. Here are four quick things sales people can do to improve sales productivity. Quit Email Study after study shows that multi-tasking kills […]

One Sales Manager’s Approach to Sales Training

I recently spent time with a friend of mine who runs a sales team to talk about sales coaching and developing sales people. His sales process is highly transactional, with short sales cycles and lots of activity. His organization is in the mode of high volume hiring, sales training of just a few days, and […]

Sales Management Tip: To Improve Sales Performance, Watch Sales Engagement Levels

Many sales organizations rely on distributed workforces so they can have sales people close to all their prospective buyers. There are plenty of benefits to this approach, but there are also risks. For sales managers looking for ways to improve performance, here is some information to consider. Two different studies looking at telecommuting found the […]