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Getting Past The Price

I’ve written previously about how to attract customers and how to manage the sales process. But one thorny issue keeps popping up for my clients… what should they do when a potential customer asks “How much will it cost?” as one of their opening lines. This focus on price is often a clue to indicate […]

Should You Leave Your Sales Presentation With the Client?

Recently in a training session a participant asked the question: “Should I leave my presentation with the prospect after the meeting is finished?” As you might expect there is no simple, clear-cut answer. There are a number of factors you need to consider. Presentations are a vital part of your marketing and sales strategy, as […]

How to Avoid Interrogation Syndrome

In selling and in networking we are told that asking questions is the right thing to do. And it is. But how do you stop your questions turning into an interrogation of your prospect? Who are you? What do you do? How long have you been doing that? Where is your office? How many staff […]

Can You Smell Trouble? … Learn To Avoid It.

As a consultant and trainer I’m often called in to new business opportunities. On these occasions it is part of my job to help clients understand how ‘big’ their opportunity is. What I have observed is that sometimes my client doesn’t really understand where their service (or product) fits into the market. Or why people […]

The Best Way to Get Testimonials When You Want Them

Just about every service business relies on some form of ‘proof’ that they can deliver what they offer. And client testimonials are among the most sought after marketing weapons for business owners to have in their arsenal. But how do you go about getting a client testimonial that is worded well enough that you can […]

Why Can’t Managers Make Decisions Any More?

Modern managing is hard. In years gone by managing was much easier. Everyone had clearly defined roles. You knew where the boundaries were. Managers ‘managed’. And workers ‘worked’. Decisions were made by managers, and the orders were carried out by the workers. The workplace functioned much like a military command and control structure. Sure, history […]

Richard Branson, Time, and Future Revenue

I often speak with business owners who wonder how much time they should be spending marketing their business. Do you know how much is enough? In a recent interview with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Richard Branson explained how he managed his time. The owner and founder of the The Virgin Group […]